Monday, December 5, 2011

Amazed... how well we speak without words
it is in a smile, in a hug held just a second longer
than before,
it is in the quiet laughter at what little miss does...
little miss who thinks she is here for her 5th birthday,
it is in the extra hands that clear the table,
it is in the glances at dad as he sleeps quietly on the sofa
during the Bears game
Speaking without words
how did we learn it?
powerful language of the heart


  1. Ah yes. The silent language of love. My favorite language to speak. Lovely picture and words. Lovely.

  2. of all the posts that you have, this is one of my favorites. you are a very loving and sensitive person sis!

    love it!


  3. Suz, your family is embracing the silver lining, yes? Still sending you love and hope and comfort...

  4. Abiding love....good thoughts and prayers go towards you this morning.

  5. Very, very nice.
    Beautiful photo...

  6. Suz, you've captured perfectly the essence of a special time.


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