Friday, December 30, 2011

They say the gift to give is land....lakefront? :)

I  turned 61 recently
Last year I turned that decade of 60 and the earth didn't fall away
and the sun still came up, glorious as ever
And now, today, it is our 41st anniversary
Well I have to tell you ...that number- 41- looks good
Wish I had turned 41....the things I would do differently
If I had only known I could have.
Wonderful thing...knowledge

Last night I wrote down the things I wanted to let go of
I almost forgot to do this as I was hooked on watching Project Runway marathon
yes, I can be shallow....actually I say this is balance
I used to drink a glass of wine while doing at 61...meds
Anyway....the first thing I did was to light the fire,then I sat and stared at it
thinking of all the loss I experienced this year and of the sorrow I felt for so many friends
who lost greatly
Take care of them God......and then I tossed this into the fire
Next I thought about the failures .... even at my age...failure
......and this I tossed into the fire
and of course I had to think of the times I couldn't keep my mouth shut
and said that extra word...sometimes words that stung just right...but so wrong
this I don't do often.....I have learned this lesson mostly...but even I can be pushed
even I stand on ice and stomp......this I threw into the fire with much repentance
and then there are the goals I failed to reach...
and the hurt I had to depower
and of course the ordinary weight of things like:
 the failures in the garden
the drawers and closets I failed to clear out completely
the dinners I failed to host
the exercise I let slip away
the friends I failed to see
the novel I haven't finished
the poems that I failed to write down
the books..oh the books I haven't finished
so much to let go of
burn the regret
For tomorrow... I welcome in a new year
and a new start.... begin it with a happy heart
not a heart weighed down by life
clean clean clean
clear clear clear
A swept heart is ready for opportunity
to love, to live, to laugh, to give,to see joy
to have a kind word
a kind smile
a comforting manner
a compassionate hand
A swept heart is always ready
Glad I swept mine last night....
Now to enjoy my anniversary.....
and my husband's whistle clean heart


  1. Happy Anniversary!! 41 years - that is amazing! :)

    And, happy to hear your husband is doing well - he has been in my thoughts and prayers! :)

    CHEERS to a wonderful year ahead of you, Suz

  2. smiles...this is a great exercise to keep your heart whistle clean...smiles....happy anniversary suz!

  3. Wonderful post Suz, the wisdom of the years shines through bright and clear! Glad hubby is in good health, happy anniversary to you both.

  4. What a beautiful meditation and exultation! Happy ANNIVERSARY!

  5. "whistle clean heart... Joy."
    I have followed your lead.
    Thank you.
    We will start the New Year with JOY.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

  6. wonderful sister!

    when i turned 41 last June, I am not fully happy, because it never turned out the way I thought it would be. The person that I am expecting to complete my day did not show up and even called or text (shallow ei?)... but now 6 months after, with all the love I am getting and blessings that continue to pour in, I am very happy. well, i guess that happiness and love is better felt after a great sorrow.

    Happy Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! You and your family will always be part of my prayers!...

    Thank you for being a sister to me...


  7. Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Suz!

    Thanks for all your warm comments and well-wishes to JJ and me! You truly are a wonderful friend. Hugs!


  8. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Suz !
    Oh, the words you've written are so touching, so beautiful !
    Wish you and your family all the best for the new year,

  9. why Sylvia, thank you..we kitty lovers can be touvhing at times..:)

  10. Well JC...thank you...and that Jj what a sweetie...I just know it..comes through his words...and I have a soft spot in my heart for people of the Philipines...
    thanks you for being his other

  11. Happy anniversary! I'll turn 60 in 18 months. I'm having a hell of a time coming to terms with that!! Im my mind I'm 25.... I just got a huge butterfly in my stomach saying the number 60 out loud!

  12. I agree with John, this is a great post. And your wisdom shines through clearly.

    Congratulations to you and your hubby on your anniversary.

  13. This is beautiful. Hold tight to the man with the whistle clean heart. You are so lucky. Happy Anniversary and a sparkling New Year to you both.

  14. Love the day. and days ahead.
    Happy 41st. what an accomplishment.
    Love knows no end.
    BlessYourHearts and HappyNewYear
    Bringing it in right, you two are.

  15. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Suz! I love your honesty and optimism!

  16. a swept heart. oh i love that phrase.

    happy anniversary. thank goodness.



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