Wednesday, December 21, 2011


On a whim, with a heart full of whimsy
I headed to our local thrift store
I needed to hunt
I have a method when I go there
First the glassware
I love old glasses
then I wind my way to the back to the old furniture
and finally I take a glance at the junk room of misc
but I savor the best for last
I always know
when someone has died recently
when they have cleaned out someones house...
they come in droves...that's how I got a Ms swanson collection of books on Van Gogh

Such was yesterday's stash of name in any of them
Gold in dem dare woods
So with a nod of respect for the former owner
I grabbed a few and sat and looked through them
I look for the ones that have writing in them
I cherish these.....I found this one on leftovers
Not only did "she" write in it...noting favorites
but she had stashed numerous articles of recipes from old magazines
joy....I paid my $1 and headed home
along with a few other pieces of stuff that spoke to me
Don't you just love folded corners on a cookbook
a map of sorts
Whoever you were......know that I found your map
and I will indeed
Try this
after all you did mark it
very good 


  1. Let us know how the dish turns out. What is that thingi with the curly wires? Never saw one before.

  2. What a great story Suz, now whats cooking?

  3. I love that you honor these past lives this way! It's kind of sad though that there's no one to pass them on to...I have a few of my great grandmas cookbooks full of writing and cut out recipes from magazines...

  4. What a great find Suz, I have a few cookbooks that I have inherited and I love the comments that have been pencilled in.

    I have started to do the same thing with my recipes.

    Let us know how the recipe turns out.

  5. very cool...i love going to the thrift much treasure to be found...looks like a good haul for me...

  6. a nice post... and a nice tip on how to do the searching at a thrift shop. love it!



  7. Oh, yes! I love old books! And in cook books I always look for the pages with food stains on them.

  8. I just LOVE these lines:
    Don't you just love folded corners on a cookbook
    a map of sorts
    Whoever you were....
    know that I found your map


  9. A kindred spirit! I love the line, " I needed to hunt." I too have a methodical route in the thrift store, and yes I love the way corners are folded down or leaves are dried, as book marks in an old field guide of trees. It is great fun and this just captured it perfectly.


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