Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I remember very clearly the day I went over to my grandpa's house one December
expecting to see a Christmas tree in his tiny living room all decked out
in large colored lights,tinsel of the lead kind,and wonderful old glass and paper ornaments
I was shocked to see that it wasn't there.
"I'm tired of putting it up.." he said
Tired? of Christmas?
What will Christmas be without a well decorated tree??
And he never did put another one up.
Tradition......woe......gone in an instant and he had not a clue how this broke my heart
I just accepted it
Well, this year.....I had a flash of understanding
I was thinking of not putting up the tree....I do it all by myself..put up-take down
I'm tired and unfocused this year and we were not going to entertain at our house this year
(thank you daughters)
But my husband gave me a sideways glance when I told him all of this
So....being able to read his thoughts, and remembering that as a child he had none of that...I decided to put them up....two trees..despite myself
And low and behold.....we not only are celebrating Christmas here (a tad early)
but also 3 birthdays...and an anniversary
all because my husband unexpectedly had to have some work
 done on his heart last week and more tomorrow...
....not his emotional, loving heart...the muscle heart
he needed a good plumber

So there it was....a wonderful cheery Christmas tree and a nativity
and a house jammed with family and precious grandchildren
sharing...a comforting tradition
a reality that who knows if we all will gather next year
or ever again

I thought I had this lesson well learned

...but I wasn't going to put up the tree
 lesson put before me again
glad I did
 and all because of that one  glance


  1. i am glad you did as well...the tree is warm and in it i find hope...i hope that your husbands heart is ok...prayers for your family...

  2. I received that glance last year. Frustrated with christmas commercialism and the season of want and gimeee of things not needed while others go hungry did not sit well with me. So I considered cancelling all the hoopla. Well my sweetie is the one who puts up the tree, the lights and garland and, well he did then also and I have to admit in the cold of a long winter the tree lights are really special.
    I pray all is well with your loved ones and the time together really is cherished. Hugs!

  3. i am happy that despite you decided not to put it up, with such a loving and understanding heart you did it to make your husband very happy.

    want thing that I love about the Philippines is our long Xmas Celebration. as soon as the "ber" sound on the months, it's already xmas. so u can slowly put on xmas whatever you have til the big day. so it is not that exhausting and fun too.

    i hope he will be ok. rest assured it's included in my prayers.

    take care! God bless!


  4. I am still on the fence about the tree, once again. I feel like for J and I the holidays are dictated by other people's traditions, beliefs, wants and needs and we spend the entire season running around trying to meet everyone's expectations so nobody is disappointed. It's very draining, financially, physically and emotionally and I find myself in a hurry for January 1 with the holidays behind us and a quiet stretch of winter in front...

  5. Aw Suz, praying for husband...

  6. Hmmm, wonder what is in the air---or the water--this year. I'm a Christmas kinda girl, always have been, BUT this year I just don't to do ANY of it. Not depressed, not miserly, just 'tired'. I'm glad the tree is up and glowing at your house, both trees :), and I'm sending wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband. Hugs and Blessed Be.

  7. Hope hubby makes a swift and full recovery Suz. And yeh, just when we think we can give up a tradition...

  8. Send love and light your way Suz. I think that we need to what what we feel right about, no matter what it is. My pastor said last night "don't let other people 'should' on you". I think that is great. We can't do something because we should but because we want to or we can. Always follow your heart. Or your husband's!!

  9. Keeping you and your husband in my prayers...


  10. How sweet of you, and you have already been rewarded.

    I am thinking like you were, it's a bit early for a German Christmas, for us it's Advent first, so I still have some time to recover before I need to make up my mind.

    But, it is a lot of work . . . . . .

  11. Must be something in the air, I'm terribly unfocused, even for me!
    And I understand about the tree thing. I just barely put them up, which usually happens the weekend of Thanksgiving. Even the Mr. was a bit concerned. But I have scaled back dramatically, no more Santas barfed up Holiday Hell all over my house ;)

    P.S. Hope your Mr. is doing well?

  12. Getting older seems to be, more and more, making yourself doing things you don't really have a great interest in anymore, at least for me. But when I push myself, I'm usually glad I "put up the tree". Hope hubs has a quick recovery!

  13. Praying for your husband's health.

  14. Oh Suz, sometimes the traditions need to be there for unseen reasons.
    We say we don't want to decorate and then someone says "Oh no. There is no tree." or, "Where is the ornament that I made in first grade?"
    It's all about doing the things that matter to everyone in the family. It lightens the spirits.
    I'm so glad that you chose to give yourself a little sparkle, a small lighted promise, a gift of hope and something for your husband to come home to. My best wishes are with him and I hope you both have a peaceful Christmas.


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