Thursday, July 26, 2012

I brought this coaster home from a local restaurant.
I think it scared the heck out of my husband.
hee hee

Well he isn't the only one feeling the years.
When they consistently call you "mam" at the grocery store,
you know you are losing the battle.
And when you get the senior discount at the movie theater
it's all over....or is it?

Heck no
With every weight I lift building strong muscles
and with every new fresh haircut and color ( I said I would like to be gray at 92)
and with every other thing that I do to take care of my body and face
I look better and feel better
A limber body moves like a younger body
move it or lose true
and I still have a "Susie" look to me...who knows for how much longer
so I'm driving my stake in this ground
planting my flag

and humor is a big part of feeling alive
and this coaster gave me a big chuckle
now if I can only get him to see my side of the story


  1. smiles...glad you are feeling alive...keep it up...the world needs more alive people...smiles.

  2. He should be jumping for joy! Have fun!

  3. AMEN! Any effort to keep the wolves of old age at bay is worth it.

  4. Like it Suz, great philosophy.

    1. hee hee you would...karate and all ")

  5. It's all about the attitude, honey!

  6. Okay, I can just see Audrey smiling real big at this...she would have said (about the kids calling you "mam" at the grocery and automatically giving you the senior discount at the movies) - "What do they know!"


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