Monday, July 30, 2012

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I love to walk labyrinths
I've walked gravel ones, stone ones
grass ones....almost invisible ones
Did you know that it is said that the center represents
You can't walk a labyrinth quickly
or with haste
You must pay attention and stop
and turn and follow a different way
sometimes a way that seems like the way
you have just left
curious thing
magical thing
this walking....slowly contemplating
then before you know it you are unaware of the path
but only travel it
and when you reach Jerusalem....when I reach Jerusalem that is
I plant my feet and raise my hands
a lighting rod
to God
Then as I slowly walk out..I release it all
the worry, the pain, the panic,the fear,the hurt,the the the.........
let it go, drop it in the small place among my feet
and slowly I walk the way out and
give thanks

Now that's the kind of walking I like to do

Today was the funeral service of fellow blogger
Audrey Carves
She was Lutheran like me
seems there aren't many of us left
But her service was so beautiful
so Lutheran, so reassuring
full of song,Scripture and prayer
I will miss her straight forward words
they don't make 'em like her anymore


  1. What a great philosophy Suz and I pray that your friends next stage of her journey exceeds her happiest and joyous expectations.

    1. oh that is already a fact
      thank you John

  2. sending you tender thoughts and comfort, suz. xo

  3. So sorry for the loss of your friend. I enjoyed reading your post about labyrinths, I have never done any but the paper and pencil kind.

    1. Oh find a real one and walk it
      and thank you, she was a beautiful lady

  4. i am sorry for the loss of your blog friend...i am happy that you went though, that is walking the labyrinth as is a very cool spiritual experience...

  5. She sure did make an impression on us, didn't she? A gloriously good one! She knew what it was all about and she helped secure that feeling in me. Thanks for being there together with me...

    1. funny how I sat in the same pew
      I guess Ia just am attracted your energy April
      and yes, we are proud of our heritage


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