Monday, July 2, 2012

moonstruck illusion
I believed in fairytales
you were just a frog

I carry the moon
though my feet sink into sand
I rise with its light


  1. "you were just a frog."
    Aren't we all?
    Only a leap of faith allows us to see a gilded prince in its place.

  2. ah, but in a fairytale he's a prince not just a frog
    ....all the faith in the world cannot make some men princes
    No we are not all frogs Rosaria.....this is not a physical descriptive's about disillusionment
    and character...and sometimes betrayal

  3. The butterfly net, the basketball and the frog posts...everything ok? You could have written these for me, so accurate they are. I thank you for them, because not everything is always glowing, is it? Sometimes people are not nice, sometimes we or those we care about are hurt by others, and it helps to write about it or read about it sometimes.

    1. ha...I married a prince.....but so many of my friends throughout the years haven't and it was painful to watch the families break up...and to witness the sorrow
      of betrayal....but roses grew out of the dung
      The moon represents so romance in this case
      romance is a harvest moon sometimes...bigger than it is..and turns out to be
      I can't wait to finish these moon pictures....
      2 personal challenge

  4. Love, love the image + haiku!!

    1. hi Helen...thanks
      I love the pictures too
      why I challenged myself to see a story in them

  5. nice...really like the second half...the first half...taht certainly happens...smiles.


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