Thursday, July 19, 2012

When all else fails, make chicken soup

I can't believe that I was making chicken soup this morning
It just happened
I was going through the fridge and looking at what was there
carrots, left over chicken, celery,onion,parsley
a dynamic sweet onion from a farmer's market
I was bewitched......If I had thought about it...I probably wouldn't have made it
It has been oppressively hot lately
But last night it stormed....and today the sky is cloudy and gray
a reprieve from the heat
so what do I do?  Fill the house with the delicious smell of cooking soup
Funny how the house seems humid now.....maybe why winter is when we usually think of soup
But this garden wench took a walk in the garden this morning and it was actually not bad outside
and the finches were cheerfully encouraging me with their chatter

You see... my low carb dieting is never going to get easy
So I came inside and snifffed around the fridge and took action
Just because I won't be eating this soup
my dear husband will love it...the house smells so good
and the AC will take the humidity out soon
and when he walks in the door tonight
he'll at least will be happy'll be eating my left over sausage, peppers,onion and tomatoes
 over melted mozzarella cheese
yummy, no regrets


  1. Looks and sounds delicious, both your soup and what you are going to have Suz, yummy!

    1. I took a taste, John...and it was good soup
      and the sausage was good too....but I misssed the pasta
      sob sob

  2. mmm i bet that made the house smell good...and would not mind a bowl myself...smiles.

    1. oh lordie, only bread smells better

  3. Sounds delish! It has been rainy and gloomy here today too... but I kind of love it! Just cozied up in the dining room working from home and enjoying the rain!

    1. oh my...that nice break I thought we would get becasue of the rain....not so is really humid outside with the sun shining....
      working from home huh? good for you

  4. Oh goody, I came here yesterday and couldn't find you and was a bit worried that you'd been gone for a week, but I'm happy to see you back. And what a coinkydink....I'm cooking chicken today too. In broth and then I will shred it and use it for all sorts of things for the next few days. Your sounds delish.

    Glad you got a nice walk in your garden, you sound well. Cooking can be a healer can't it? xx

    1. ha! chicken too! imagine that....
      I am well .... lately I've been a bit gloomy..what with this darn heat...but cool weather MUST be coming
      I have been busy picking out new paint colors for a few rooms.....oh I hate this...I have so many paint colors on the wall my husband thinks Im loco
      just pick one!...easy for him to say....he'd live in barn...hee hee
      stay well and smiling LIv

  5. Gosh that looks delish!! And is it in a Buffalo China bowl??? I have a few pieces of that!

    1. oh you have a good eye....i love the stuff....

  6. There is nothing in the world that smells as good as home made chicken soup, even home made bread doesn't smell as good.

    I could do with some chicken soup at the moment I have the worst head cold, with a sore throat and runni y nose. :(

    1. oh no....hope you feel better soon...spring is coming
      The only thing about ....I cook enough for an army......usually......but this time...just a small pot......wish I could send you some....

  7. i should have read this earlier and took the first flight out to your place. that is awesome!...


  8. The soup looks wonderful, I've never tried to make Chicken soup, but I would like to. I made some tomato soup recently for my low carb diet! I added a can of kidney beans and really enjoyed it. When I say tomato, it's not like the Campbell's Soup tomato, it's really just blended up tomatoes with some water added. I just need something warm like that when I'm trying to eat better. I'm sure your hubby enjoyed. When mine had knee replacement surgery last year I made a big pot of vegetable soup for the day he came home from the hospital. He says it was the best thing he's ever eaten (you can really make um love ya when you feed them after a hospital stay:)

    1. ha ha you got that right....feed 'em and their happy
      Low carb huh? really? Sometimes I hate eating low carb....but it is the only way...for weight control, good health, and for besides the clothes are nice too ;)
      Your soup sounds good....except...beans are not low carb....I would just blend the tomatoes and some tomato juice...maybe atkins it up a bit with some cream.....I'll work on it...thanks for the idea

  9. sounds good to me - that melted mozzarella over all. yum.


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