Monday, May 24, 2010

Magpie Tale #15

hosts a weekly writing prompt.
Write a vignette or poem

Write using the below photo as your prompt.

Fish, the ancient sign for Christ. I will make you fishers of men.
Jonah in the belly of the fish for three days.
The feeding of the five thousand with fish and loaves.
These images come into my mind as I peruse the items on the table of this New Age shop that is going out of business;carved wooden fish strewn across the distressed oak. As these thoughts enter me I am overcome with complete and utter sadness, aware of the emptiness that dwells within me dragging me down further and further each day. My body becomes overwhelmed with intense longing.
Dusty Bible passages from my youth seep into my mind as I pick up the fish and roll them around in my hand:
Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest.
Cast all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you. Tears perch on the rims of my eyes.
Had He really heard the groanings of my soul, or is it the hunger in my belly having not eaten much in the last three days that I feel?
I take the fish to the register to ask the price,telling the girl the thoughts that had come to my mind regarding them.
"These aren't ours," said the nose pierced girl at the counter.
"But I found them on the table over there."
"Well I can call my boss, but I never saw them before."
"Don't bother," I say, putting them down, "I don't need the wooden fish anyway."
As I exist the store I turn back to take one last look, my last five dollars still in my pocket -a dumpy, going out of business, New Age shop
...where I found something that wasn't supposed to be there.


  1. Having watched the Lost finale from beginning to end last night ..... your Magpie hits just the right note!

  2. I watched it too Helen..not sure I ever like finales.thanks

  3. Suz, your words are such a comfort to remind me how I used to see beauty and meaning in even the smallest of things...

  4. snap. that was good...something that wasnt supposed to be there...hmm...nice magpie.

  5. Your words made my day! Great blog!

  6. Blessing be yours Suz. Wonderful magpie. I loved the wooden fish too but they were not meant to belong to us., at least not physically.

  7. Great the way you close the door...done!

  8. Suz,
    When things appear strangely I pay attention; there is a message there but I don't always get it right off, but still I notice and wonder...
    Well told lady, well told!

  9. a truly beautiful magpie, suz! what a rich way you have chosen to share some very powerful truths that have outlasted any new age splash! correct me if i'm wrong or i've read something into this tale that i shouldn't have...but i think you found exactly what it was that you needed :) suz, this was so, so good!!

  10. Nice! Your writing is so filled with emotion. I really liked this one, Suz. It reminded me of a sign I saw in a store earlier today that said, "Hold on, my child, I have you. -God"

  11. Hmmm - I wonder what the lesson was to be? Very nicely written

  12. Hi Sheri, New age splash..yes yes
    I tried to parallel the images with his experience...
    yes,he did

  13. and meaning in the smallest of things...oh yes, for the's all around
    Dar..Oh yes...
    Mary Ann...that door tool me about an hour to figure out how to close! Thanks for the encouraging comments
    Rel..thankyou...and yes it is all about paying attention to the deep mystery of life
    Goldenbird..that is exactly it..from childhood ...'s not a lesson, but an awakening of truth long forgotten but always there

  14. Great story. Isn't God just like that? He gives us just what we need - no matter what it takes.

  15. Ah, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio.

  16. it is amazing how one picture can prompt so many wonderful mental images and words

  17. I saw myself in this piece, in that shop! I love junk/antique shops, and always find "things" that should have meaning for someone. But I tuck the images and meanings away in my imagination and move on.

    Interesting how you told the girl your reasons for wanting the fish, yet she said "these aren't ours." I'm reading more meaning into that....

    Don't need more stuff to collect dust, though!


  18. Suz, it reminds me that the Lord is, many times where we don't expect Him...patiently, quietly there.


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