Monday, May 17, 2010

Microfiction monday # 31

Susan at host a weekly writing prompt using only 140 character or less.


This is the photo prompt for this week:
I almost forgot about it 
  just whipped this up now...phew!

Today's moms balance work,soccer practice,and doctor visits,
no apron required.
But drop a jar of canned beets
and only the glass breaks.

137 characters....

**just under the wire!


  1. Very well done! Reminding us of perspective! No broken hearts, bones or promises. Just glass and a little mess.

    I REALLY needed to read this today, Suz, thanks!

  2. So very true. A good message in that.

  3. Not a huge problem, can always be cleaned up. Easy fix,some others not so much.
    Nice one, I really liked this.

  4. I love it and a great message and reminder! Hope you have a great week, Suz! Enjoy!


  5. indeed true. what is it that they call someone like that these days- alpha mom? well, maybe a yummy alpha mom. haha

  6. I'm glad the aprons aren't required! Moms don't need to add coordinating aprons to that list.

  7. aw, this was so good, suz, lots to say in just 140 characters!! by the way, i still wear an apron...keeps my clothes clean cuz i guess i'm a pretty messy cook! happy monday to you!

  8. the glass seems to be the least of the problems.
    a great message here.

  9. Moms do so much today, I wonder where they find time to make their Preserves.

  10. I will NEVER understand the need to pickle grandma pickled them AND peaches!

    I'll stick to the occasional jelly myself. Good job!

  11. And the beets turn everything purple. I love pickled beets, they are the best ever. I like to take the juice and put boiled eggs in the jar, so good.

  12. There is a deal of wisdom hidden away in those 137 characters.

  13. I to love pickled beets and my moms home made bread and butter pickles. She would send me after a jar of pickles and I always picked bread and butter pickles until she finally specified what she wanted. No apron for me. I make a mess all the time and it has proceeded to get worse as I get older.

  14. sharp observations.
    cool mm.

    mine is up!

  15. Aw! What a sweet reminder of what's important.

    I've had some blog woes and am a day late. Far more than a dollar short. But that story won't fit into microfiction!

    My MM:The Facts Of

  16. Great job, Suz. Enjoyed this one.

  17. Life IS a balancing act.

    You were asking for a recipe...
    The Beef Veg. Soup is whatever I have handy for veggies, peas, green beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, peppers, celery, even lettuce...diced or sliced, cooked in whatever I have handy for broth...tomatoes with their juice, stewed tomatoes, beef broth or aujus and enough water, salt and pepper to make a nice consistency soup and taste.
    The meat in this case was leftover beef steak diced. Everything gets thrown in the kettle together to cook until meat is tender and by then the veggies are done.
    The egg dumplings are simply slightly beaten eggs, in this case, it was more than a gallon of soup so I used a half dozen.
    Add enough flour to make a dough the consistency of muffin mix, salt, pepper to taste and a couple tsps. of parsley.
    Drop by the spoonful the size you want, directly into simmering hot soup or broth, by dipping spoon right into it so they slide off the spoon.
    Cover, and cook an additional 10 min. Enjoy....they are a gift to the palate.


  18. so true! big hugs sweet story teller!

  19. Oh make it sounds so looked so yummy on your blog..I will try this anything in the pot soup..with dumplings..thanks...and I'll where an apron

    Janean..smooth wasn't it :)


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