Friday, May 21, 2010

The sun came out a bit and I was able to walk in the garden and putz
putzing...oh a wonderful artform
where mind and spirit hold hands
I pulled a few weeds
listened to the bird chatter
watched a few baby bunnies eat my new gaura...oh well
while squirrels trapezed across the trees
I sat and listened to the wind chimes and prayer filled me
I feel my energy returning under the arbor under the Japanese Maples
Putzing....a wonderful artform
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  1. Sounds like good soul food ... eat some more

  2. Beautiful and so poetic . . . (as are you.) :-)

    I am glad you are in Natures safe hands. x

  3. Your garden reads like a wooded sanctuary. Putzing is good!

  4. gorgeous photo! those japanese maples are fab!!!!

    and cute book monk comment. :)

  5. Oh my I love to putz and consider it a great creative art.
    One must muse and putz at the same time to achieve this art form,and keep a mental record of course for future reference.
    Maybe we could start a new style of art and call it Mupu...
    Hugs & Smiles, amy

  6. Hi AMy! I was thinking of you the other day..planning on a beat me to it
    muse and putz...I guess I do that

  7. I love Japanese Maples, the leaves are so pretty and delicate. Putzing is wonderful and very necessary for our creative health.

  8. OH, I do love to putz and putter around. My Mom is the queen of productive piddling. I take my cues from her.


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