Friday, September 3, 2010

Apples...a magpie tale

Magpie Tale #30
 Hosted by Willow


He was like an organic apple
lying on a copy of Vanity Fair.
Sandy enjoyed any apple
as long as it was red,crisp
and unblemished.
She ate them with sharp cheddar cheese
while sitting down with a glass of Merlot
and a copy of The Sun in her hands.
Her friends wanted her to give this guy a try,
this organic specimen before her.
He's different,
they assured her,
he's polished,comes from good stock,
has superior taste.
But she found out that even organics
have blemishes,and this one
had been nibbled on before,
and his stem was nothing
to brag about. In the end
she wasn't willing to pay
a high price for an ordinary apple,
especially since she found out
the magazine he was lying on
was his wife.


  1. A brilliant magpie, so well written. I liked your words
    "especially since she found out
    the magazine he was lying on
    was his wife." He certainly isn't worth even the tiniest of bites.

  2. ah the bitter fruit that is it

  3. Great piece, nice twist at the end.

  4. ha. love the double meaning in lying...great turn there in the end...nicely played magpie...

  5. Excellent take on this week's pic. I enjoyed it.

  6. It's an early Saturday morn and this just gave me a thought and a huge laugh! Really good one, Suz!


  7. I felt a slow smile come to my lips, as I read. Very good job!

  8. Dear Suz,

    Even before I read on, I held my breath in anticipation.

    ...and you did not disappoint!

  9. hahaha Love the "take" you took with the apple. Very clever...and the ending is a twist. "Surprise... I'm married!"

    (I have heard that the most tasty fruit comes from the ugly ones... the ones with blemishes.)

  10. Crusty angle for next magpie maybe..but I guess he seemed tasty at first.hmm
    Rick..I can hear your wheels turning....happy saturday morning
    to all

  11. apple and cheddar cheese - what a combination…and what a turn in the end

    here's my magpie

  12. excellent cooking skills,
    lovely done!

  13. Well my favorite part is: his stem was nothing to brag about. LOLOL!

  14. Bug...I knew I could count on you to catch that one! Did you like the enjambment (no pun intended) right after that line! I worked hard (!) on that one!!
    better stop while I'm ahead (!!!!!)

  15. A great companion piece to Brian's magpie! You've got me giggling with your wicked wit!

  16. "...his stem was nothing to brag about" heehee!!!

  17. Betrayal is the worst kind of fruit. Nice read!

  18. Laughing laughing....

    Did you mean to make us all laugh so much. When I got to his stem, I almost choked on my coke.

  19. Yes,Relyn..I was being naughty...just showing my range..heehee

  20. Poor apple with a short stem, the butt of all the jokes... emasculated by some secateurs weilding poet(ess) no doubt!

    But then again, maybe it was just worn away...

    But but.. The apple in the picture is a 'Pink Lady' (variety). Now what can you say!

  21. suz, never heard it called a stem before. haha!

    i simply adore the twist you put on the end of each story....


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