Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mama's Things

They're mine now
but they were her's first,
my mother's
We lived in the same house
most of our lives
and these sat on shelves
in a corner hutch in the kitchen
The kitchen with green and white
checkerboard floor tiles
with the white metal cabinets
and a white porcelain sink
with the double drainboards
There used to be an elephant creamer
but we broke it
my brothers and I
no one owning up to it
Now it is gone forever
as is one of my brothers
The tablecloth is my mother's also
one of those brightly patterned ones from
the 50's
...the decade of my early days of growing up
We didn't have much
but we had a family that gathered
each and every day to share meals
all of them
With Mama kitty and her brood
Piggy and her little one
watching over us

What precious things did you have handed down to you?
Or what do wish will be handed down to you?

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  1. Beautiful little things. Greater beautiful memories.

  2. Sounds like a great family growing up. You had lots!
    I have my grandmothers Bible.

  3. What a charming piece!! The kitties and pigs are just adorable. What sweet memories of them watching over your family.

  4. sweet. i love remembering events from my childhood with my wonderful family. love the look into your childhood.

  5. Lovely memories to cherish, Suz !
    Nice evening,

  6. Lovely reflection. Our house is full of things from both our families -- furniture, pictures, odds and ends -- a multi-generational interior decorating scheme.

  7. I have one of my grandfather's jackets.

  8. this is a gem of a post, suz.
    i am lucky to have some special things from both my grandmothers and a (beloved) great aunt. even a rolling pin from by best friend's mother, and a tea pot from her grandmother.

  9. Oh Karen..I have a teapot too
    A lipton one...from my grandmother that I drank mint tea from
    grown in the yard by my grandfather...thanks for leading me there
    the trick is to make it special to our children...that's where storytelling comes in it can be handed down with love forever

  10. aren't they precious. and such sweet reminders.
    : )

  11. Your treasures and your memories are so special. I am lucky to have many photos as well as some 'treasures', they all carry memories that I hope my children will treasure as much as I do.

  12. My children have got bits and pieces that belonged to their grandfather,my dad, and I have got some treasures that he brought back from Croatia with him.

  13. Beautiful poem and wonderful memories.

    I have my grandfather's harmonica.

  14. Oh, so sweet. Too much....too little....what you have is just right. I love these pieces and what they represent.

  15. My mother passed on her playfulness, humor, confidence, compassion and love. Father passed on fear, uncertainty, high morals and and a strong work ethic. What we do with these things are up to us.

  16. wow Judy, I'd say your parents were a great match
    and good for you that you probably
    are a good blend of both

  17. sweet things!

    we have a pitcher and glass my honey drank from as a little boy and i got several things, but nothing from my childhood. my mom was not a *saver.*


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