Friday, September 24, 2010

Boo grows up

June 4th, a little 2 week old kitten was put in my hands to care for
and like a good mom I met the challenge
through every two hour feedings
to box training
to introducing him to grown up kitty food
to taking the bottle away from the reluctant baby
I've done my job
...and together we
survived a car crash ...the firemen and paramedics loved him
and he has rewarded me with being the greatest
little joy in my life right now
Oh...and he changed his name.....
used to be Mr. Darcy
but he likes Boo better
thought you'd like to know
how he looks now
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  1. well, that little kitty is adorable...i LOVE kitty Cats too...
    have 4 2 indoor and my 2 outdoor (that adopted ME!)


    happy to visit today

    kary, teddy and her kittys

  2. how very sweet.
    Hope he continues to flourish.

    Suz, I have twice tried to leave a comment at your other blog, Blogger or Google just won't let me.

  3. Cats know who they like and Boo looks like one contented cat.....

  4. Boo is beautiful, Suz, and so cute !
    Enjoy your weekend,

  5. Friko...oh that's too bad..I would love to hear what you have tosay about my Open Bar of garden
    I don't know why you can't leave a comment.... know the joy and comfort that animals bring us..I know that from reading your lovely happy you care for so many animals
    John...I only picked out two animals in my life the rest found me...and I am better for it
    They are soulful
    Oh sylvia..he's as cute as yours!

  6. when i had my knees replaced four years ago, henry left my side to eat and use his box...otherwise, he was snuggled up next to me. boo is a handsome young thing and i'm so glad he's bringing you comfort. i had a black cat in college, named grover for the sesame street grover.


    hope you're feeling stronger each day, suz

  7. Thanks Karen I am! it

  8. He is as handsome and alluring as Mr Darcy though.

  9. why Uta..he is! Sometimes when he does something naughty I call him Boo Boo Mr. Darcy!

  10. absolutely precious. that little sweet face. he looks happy.

  11. Hello Boo (can I still call you Mr. Darcy as well?). You have grown up!

    He looks adorable, Suz. You've done good.

  12. A chance meeting becomes a life long friendship:)

  13. He sure looks like a "Boo"! Love it. He's beautiful, Sue...and I know he loves you.

  14. Love the look in his eyes: One can see that he has taken ownership at your house! Who's the boss now!!??!!??

    I love cats. Had two from the same litter from kittens till 17 and 18 years. Miss them forever!


  15. Boo is beautiful and I am so pleased that both you and he are ok after the accident, enjoy each other as you recuperate.

  16. He looks so much like my cat, Miracle. The kids used to love her sitting in the window on Halloween. Added to the allure of the holiday.
    Hope all is well. Your writing continues to be fabulous.


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