Friday, September 3, 2010

A favorite poem

The Third Body
by Robert Bly

A man and woman sit near each other, and they do
  not long
At this moment to be older, or younger, or born
In any other nation, or any other time, or any other
They are content to be where they are, talking or not
Their breaths together feed someone whom we do
  not know.
The man sees the way his fingers move;
He sees her hands close around a book she hands to
They obey a third body that they share in common.
They have promised to love that body.
Age may come; parting may come; death will come!
A man and a woman sit near each other;
As they breathe they feed someone we do not know,
Someone we know of, whom we have never see.

-from the book Eating the Honey of Words



  1. Hi! Thanks for the visit and the sweet comment. You are entering a decade most people don't want to talk about, the one between adulthood and seniorhood. Stay curious, stay active, and love hard. Life is what it is; only you can give it special meaning.

  2. Thank you for this poem, I could reread this forever.

  3. Hi Lakeviewer....oh I feel a little resistance setting in....but you are most of all
    thanks for the visit

  4. Oh, I love it when a poet shares their favorites. It gives us such a great peak into you. I love that.

  5. good poetry just reads right, if that makes sense. mmmmmmmm. :)


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