Thursday, July 14, 2011

catching rainbows

 One morning I heard squealing coming from the hallway
I stopped what I was doing, which was probably cooking,
and went to find out what was so exciting.
As I turned the corner I stopped
there was my husband...Mr. left brain business man...
showing the grandkids how he had caught a rainbow
no way
I hung back and just observed this miracle
one by one they both reached into the light bouncing off of a leaded glass door..revealing prisms of rainbow light.. and held rainbows in their hands
and then they stuck their feet into the light and laughed some more
Almost as fun as the lightening bugs he helped them capture the night before
wow....the miracle of grandchildren
Now if only they could get him to watch foreign films with me


  1. Ha! There is a magic in nieces and nephews too, which I think J's family could attest to after watching me put my fingers in my mouth and make terribly unflattering faces and sounds with my 3 year old niece this past weekend. All the while sitting in the muddy sand at the edge of a lake while the sun burned my shoulders and little fish nibbled on my toes.
    This is a really sweet post : )

  2.'s wonderful, isn't it?
    oh little fish nibbling at your Reagan would have loved that

  3. Aw that's sweet. But Suz you should know that a rainbow isn't the same thing at ALL as a foreign film :)

  4. okay I guess you have a point there...but come on...not one?

  5. that's cute! so good of grandpa to teach the young fellows some funny tricks...

    love it!


  6. smiles. those are the things gandpas should be cute...

  7. What a lovely post. Kids love those rainbows. Me too!

  8. What a great story that Grandad still has that wonderful inner child which likes to come out and play. There is magic which surrounds us constantly, it is just remembering to look, and of course childrens laughter reminds us of this. Good luck with the foreign films (must be a man thing!).

  9. It's these little things that the grandloves will remember each time they see a rainbow, and that Grandpa taught them how to catch them.
    What an adorable entry.


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