Tuesday, July 19, 2011

 It was classic car show weekend in Galena
and man was it hot..like the rest of the US
But the men and women riding around town
showing off their babies..was a delight
I just love that people have passion
they light up
they smile
they laugh
they hold their heads up high
they have friends who understand this passion
ah..I think most people's lives would be enhanced with a passion or two
but it's not something you get
it's something you find
with an open heart
and the bravery to follow it
blessed are the passionate


  1. Passion is at least part of the life force, is it not?

  2. amen...passion brings vest which adds color to life!

  3. Just wanna say how touched I am with your comment in my post this morning. U made me cry in relief. I just remember my mother. She will always tell me those lines whenever I'm too depress trying to prove myself.... Good that she doesn't know I have a blog or else she will be my number one fan...

    Thank you Suz! I'll follow ur advise.

    God bless!


  4. John it certainly is...but why do so many not seek it? thanks for stopping by

    Ah Brian....with you I'm singing to the choir

    JJ....I just adore you....I know I would love your mom...
    Your creativity is wanting release..it is your calling to unleash it

  5. I agree, when I am in a conversation with someone and I start to hear the passion flowing out of their heart, I swear I can see an actual twinkle in their eyes!

  6. Great post and oh so true Suz!

    Positive passion enhances life in wonderful ways.

  7. I love this post, as being passionate about things in life is something that has been on my mind a lot.. I am passionate about my family, my friends, decorating my house and making it feel like a home, creating something with my hands... I'm finding I am less and less passionate about my day job and yet they want more and more hours from me.. It's leaving me less time for the things I'm passionate about (including my blog!) so I am thinking it might be time for a change...


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