Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nothing sweeter than a freshed washed baby
who smells of lavendar

Nothing grander than watching your daughter
enjoy this moment
as much as you did washing her as a baby
those little moments that can almost get lost
'cause you are so busy getting it done
all of it ...raising a family
But oh so sweet when it all comes back to you
through your grandma eyes


  1. having my nephews and niece with me when they were still babies is such a wonderful experience. i remember how my sister would put them on my chest when im lying down to put them to sleep. that's the best i can do because i cannot carry them for i feel like i might hurt them. so fragile, so angelic. and the smell of their breath. no perfume or cologne can match it.

    bathing? oh no! until i went to school for caregiving. but still a bit uncomfortable doing it.

    now, i just dont want to hear babies or children crying. it breaks my heart. u got it! im a spoiler of my nephews and nieces... hahaha... my siblings hate it...

    love this post Suz!


  2. big smiles...this brought back some great is much different but still love the smell of my boys hair...

  3. big smiles from me too.. nothing smells nicer than a washed baby.

  4. sweet smelling baby - thinking how very true - those times raced by when I was the mother. And I am SO looking forward to being a grandmama one day. Thank you for this! And P.S. - YES, castor bean is very dangerously poisonous to people and pets. This is why I only grow it inside the garden gate where no one can be injured. It is so glorious!

  5. Oh Suz, I know just how special moments like this are as I have just experienced it myself with my granddaughter. Magic in a bundle.

  6. So adorable...

    I want one..... :)

  7. I'm at the same stage as you right now. My grand baby is only a couple of months old and it is great to be able to see her grow and change all the time. We are so lucky to have them in our lives at this point, don't you think? The lessons they teach us!!

  8. Oh yes... through a "Grandma's eyes"... beautiful.

  9. 'through grandma eyes' -- a lovely concept!


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