Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Mask....Magpie tale #74

 I knew it was either me or that mask.
No way could I make love with that thing staring down on us,
evil incarnate.
And the fact that he was a married man didn't help the karma thingy.
But I,"the other woman" have my standards.
I will not risk being voodooed for the rest of my life; the horned black mask gave me the creeps. He assured me he would take it down.
But that night in the darkened room he laid me across the satin sheets of his love lair,
  and I looked up and saw that it was still there above the bed.
I immediatley began to protest.....take it down or else.

Be he kept on...defying the universe within, and thunder rolled across the bed
and weird drum beating ensued as the headboard banged and banged against the wall-
pleasure forcing me to gasp and close my eyes.
And then it happened....the cursed mask fell off of the wall and struck Brett
causing a large gash in his head, and blood gushed over him and me and the satin sheets.
He moaned and suddenly went limp and quiet and the mask laid between us,its hideous eyes staring up at me.
I felt for Brett's pulse and there was none.
I dialed 911.
When the police arrived I explained what had happened.
They asked me why I had put it back up on the wall,
why I had tampered with evidence.
My body began to shake as I saw the mask
looking down on me..this time its horns glistening in the light...no blood on it at all.
I heard one officer say to another officer, that he had found what he said was a blunt force object- on the bed.
As they took me away in handcuffs, I struggled and sobbed and glanced back at the mask
hanging on the wall.
It had a wide smile across its face.

magpie tale #74


  1. Ahhh, Suz, the dark side...I always like to peek in there! Oh, and thanks for the chuckle...okay the outright laugh you gave me about the "7th" picture on my post....I feel the same way, he was lucky to be included on my blog! LOL! I kind of inserted that picture to see what responses I would get, so far, you are the only brave and honest one! Love you! Connie

  2. Brrrr...this could be a psychological thriller movie! Nice Magpie (well, not 'nice' but you know what I mean, lol).

  3. It wouldn't set the mood for me either!

  4. Love it - never saw the ending coming - brilliant

  5. delicious story telling,,,and nice turn there in the end...i lie the dark...smiles.

  6. Loved this, nice dark tale with a twist.

  7. love the story...

    creepy and funny!

  8. Wow, Suz! I didn't know you had such a fine "Poe" side! Good good tale!


  9. Creepy, but great story. I like it!

  10. Your bit on the dark side. Loved it. It had a bit of everything, a real mixed grill.

  11. Great tale but why the centered text? You ever seen a book printed like that? You shouldn't do something just because blogger lets you.

  12. Hi Doc....I rather prefer broken lines
    sort of feels more enjambed
    pedal to the metal lines
    more interesting to me to read than lots of lines in a row..especially when reading so many prompts and magpies
    its quicker
    I just finished a novel written in poetry....cool

  13. Suz,
    Oh Oh; voodoo curses. Thanks for the tip. I'll be on the look out. ;0


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