Friday, July 15, 2011

from May Sarton's Well

Distilled...adj...produced by distillation
the process of first heating a mixture to seperate the more volatile
from the less volatile parts,
and then cooling and condensing the resulting vapor
so as to produce a more nearly pure
or refined substance

I have always loved the word distilled
dicovered it while learning to craft poetry
say it in as few words as possible

Even in the days of painting and drawing and collaging
it was always for idea, an emotion,a thought- distilled
Separate the volatile from the less volatile 
a path I have been on for decades

Interesting thing I found while creating 
was that I had volatile parts
that needed separating
I am a complex being to myself
worthy of becoming a refined substance
so today I will heat a few things
find order and beauty


  1. through heating the metal is seperated from the get in the fire...smiles.

  2. "...that the inner chaos can be .. distilled into order and beauty."
    I'm working on this. I have a lot of inner chaos. I hide it well.
    I'm reading the definition of the word "distillation" and contemplating this. Your post has hit a volatile nerve in me.

  3. I do believe I am smack dab in the process of distilling. Thank you for giving it a name :)

  4. Ah, distilling, getting the essence in one small bite, what a beautiful concept.

  5. Great word and a great post Suz. In di still may you be nicely distilled. :)

  6. I'll think about this post the next time we're distilling essential oil at the herb farm. I think I'm getting distilled there a bit as well.

  7. HI.. I found your blog through Lifeinredshoes.. and I am so glad I did.
    Your posts are marvelous.. I've enjoyed reading them.

  8. hello the easy name...breezy
    thanks for leaving such a nice comment
    and That Red..don't you just love her?

  9. Distillation...i it's the meaning that lays in this word...that is the answer that I have been seeking since quite a while Suz...thank you..for this post..something just started making sense..I'll post it in awhile..but thanks again :)


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