Saturday, July 2, 2011

 Dandelion puff ball
spider web catches stray seeds
a kite in the woods

I am still letting things settle into me
from my writing workshop of two weeks ago
..above is a haiku I wrote there on a walk looking for moments
I guess I can confess that I see The Great Gatsby in a different light
but I also confess that I wouldn't read it again...not ever
I get it....the writing, the time, the man
I took that away with me
But I just finished reading a book that made me read it in one day
stopping only to read another book that I couldn't put down...
 all in a day and a half
The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
I just loved it....had it all for me...

I wish I have one like that in me


  1. I enjoyed your haiku very much:)

  2. Suz,
    Nice haiku. I had not heard of this book, but went to read about it on Amazon. It sounds like a touching story set in one of my favorite cities. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. I thank you for your comment on my the to work on it...
    Carmen...can a haiku be nice...that's a good thought for me to ponder today
    I like when they land
    Oh I loved the book

  4. Love the haiku and the post. And of course you have a great book in you Suz, you practice writing everyday, nows the time maybe to start your great work!

  5. Start writing that book and I'll get in line to buy it.

  6. The toughest part is to start that journey, one page a day and you'll have your book before long.

  7. lovely...

    happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen

    kary and teddy

  8. Okay, you've sold me on Hotel, Suz.

    Who knows, you may have it in you... don't shortsell yourself. I always find gold in your writing, and you work hard. Talent + Hard Work = Success!!!

  9. I really enjoy haikus and you've reminded me why. I don't know you that well, but I respectfully say that I really think that book is inside you waiting to come out.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I am sure that you DO ... have one in there

  11. nice.. i need to check this book out...and i love dandelions...

  12. I'll wager that you do have it inside of you, and you'll find it.

    I love the dandelion haiku! It's just so obvious, yet we wouldn't have seen the description except for you!


  13. Wonderful Haiku Suz! What I find incredible is that in just a few short words you can describe the entire scene and I know what you saw through those words. That is an accomplishment. That is what writing is take me on a journey with your words and elicit what you feel. Would I love the book as much?

  14. Some of my favorite things!


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