Monday, July 25, 2011

One year ago Boo came to me
A 2 week old kitten born to a feral cat
I named him Mr. Darcy....dark and handsome
and oh so adorable
but as you can see (or not see)
he is one ball of black fur
Mr. Darcy seemed like too big a name for a 6 oz baby
So I called him my little Boo and it stuck
Well skip a year
and I am happy to say that he is one happy kitty
making friends with my husband
actually preferring my husband over me (stinker!)
I was the one who got up every two hours to dropper feed this little rascal
But just like the is always "dad"
I hope I get my reward in heaven
ya think?


  1. I remember when you got Boo :)

  2. you do? well he does have that effect on people :)

  3. That was a year ago, wow time flies. I remember when you got Mr. Darcy, he was too small for his name. Not so now, he is beautiful, look at him all stretched out he looks huge.

  4. ha. you will get your reward...or you could just carry bacon bits in your pocket...cute kitty

  5. I remember this, Sue, Boo was such a sweet kitten, so nice you took care of him.
    He is so beautiful and I'm sure very happy too !
    Nice week,

  6. That's a cute story.... Adorable cat!


  7. Beautiful story and a beautiful cat. Just like cats, we love them and care for them and they just assume that is our purpose in life.............

  8. Boo was a spectacularly lucky cat to have found his way into your home, Suz. Happy anniversary to all.

  9. Boo is a beautiful kitty, and like all kitties, he keeps somethings to himself, doesn't give it all away, he will never let you know he loves you best.

  10. A purring kitty is its own reward.



  11. Even though we have dogs, I have to tell you that cats were always my first love--I always enjoy stories like this, and have to say that in my experience the cat always seems to pay attention to the one who hardly notices them, and I don't get it either!!

  12. What a gorgeous cat. Just like the kids it is always dad - but also just like the kids - when they really need someone, really need love, it is always Mum.

  13. Boo is probably putting on a act- like all cats- they have to appear nonchalant and aloof-- but deep down they do love you back.. you don't have to wait until heaven.

  14. He really like you best -- just likes to keep you on your toes.

  15. Humpf is right! I know just what you mean.


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