Friday, July 22, 2011

 "I would like to believe when I die that I have given myself away
like a tree that sows seeds every spring and never counts the loss,
because it is not loss, it is adding to future life.
It is the tree's way of being.
Strongly rooted perhaps, but spilling out its treasure on the wind."

- May Sarton,
from May Sarton's Well

Thank you to all who reached out to comfort.
I thought of Rosaria all day, and prayed for her.
She will need our prayers.
I guess the encapsulated grief that had been put in a quiet place
reared its head yesterday. This happens very infrequently
But I guess it was because it was a sunny July day
that my brother died.....oh not so fair
the last time I saw him was on the 4th of July
I know grief is a hard thing for most people to be around, and for that I say..I'm sorry
But this blog is about my life and its journey....growing old
sharing obstacles and blessings
No one has to read it or comment
But I count my blessings for those who cared
and left a comment
I have walked the road with my family over our loss
and I know the journey is the worst
so many hopes dashed
and they are little again...holding your hand
or playing on the monkey bars
that's where they are for so long
and it hurts so badly
Faith got us through it...
the promise of the ressurection
the promise of heaven where
when it is our time
they will be there to greet us
take our hand and guide us over that river Jordan
and their faces will be glowing from the light of God
My prayers are with Rosaria


  1. I know this grief you have felt for your brother and the son of Rosaria.
    I think of my sister day after day and the bike rides, crashing on the pavement and loosing her tooth when I cut her off, just trying to get in front. I know the sorrow of seeing her in so much pain for so many years. I understand the joy when remembering her wide smile and belly laughs. How she loved to laugh.
    I'm so sad when anyone looses that part of their life but so happy when we realize we have so many memories that no one can ever take from us.
    Prayers all around

  2. this is a very sad road...i know from the loss of my MIL a couple years ago...was expected but it is never have a warm soul...

  3. It is with sadness that I read this post. But I know that the Lamighty have His own plan for each and everyone. My prayers for those who are at this time in sorrow or grief, esp Rosaria.

    And Suz, death as my brother always say, is just a beginning of eternal life. A happy, no sorrow or pain, in heaven.

    God bless!

  4. Grief and sorrow are a part of life, always there for someone. Yet always devstating and when we become that someone the words of comfort we have given to others are truly tested in our heart and soul.

  5. hello John
    you are so kind..yes this is so true
    but I wouldn't use the word that is the wrong word
    sometimes when someone else has a loss like yours it may awaken that moment of loss..not so much the grief..for that usually is in a quiet the moment of knowledge that has awakened....the moment that numbed

  6. I do not know your story...but I can feel the love and longing, sadness and remembered joy within these words and your exquisite photo.

    blessings to you and your beloveds, healing is an ongoing process, it takes a lifetime, becoming beautifully gnarled like the bark of your tree.


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