Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remember me telling you about my found treasure of the four volume set of Don Quixote and I said that I had also found an oil painting that looked to me to be Santa Claus? Well here it is.
Actually I think it was drawn by an illustrator that worked on Disney's Pinocchio. The fellow from the Antique Roadshow said if I could find and verify that connection it would be worth about 3 thousand dollars. If not, only about $300.
The eyes of this white bearded fellow have the ability to follow you around the room. My daughter who was still living at home at the time I purchased this for 40 dollars..hated it. Me, I love its combination of colors and the grandfatherly look of the toy maker. My daughter said he looked like a molester. What! I replied...but in a way I can see it.
It has some damage on the ends due to being stored in a hot environment and the varnish has pulled away the paint and it is very dirty. Someday I will take it in to be cleaned and repaired ...I think I have found someone who will do it properly.
I used this painting to write a short story once...and boy was I surprised by what came from this prompt. A tale of child molestation by a well respected grandfather...certainly my daughter's opinion seeped into my mind.
The mind of one who writes....a dusty dungeon or a sunny cafe....but always seeking the edge of a story.
My eyes saw Santa, but the pen saw a child molester
...maybe that is why I found it discarded in a shop ...those eyes..they really are haunting
The story is still in a drawer and the painting is stored in my closet...
not sure what I should do about either of them.

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  1. I see what you mean. It is those eyes, but also the mouth that somehow warns you not to ask too many questions.

  2. Certainly a good leaping off point for a story!

  3. Interesting story ... and piece of art! I also saw a funny, kindly old grandfather!

  4. It's his youthful looking arm with the rolled up sleeve...bulging muscles...I think of a bad dude on a bike after posing for this artist...not that I see the worst in characters!

  5. Blue I think you have something there

  6. That's a great picture. I'd almost always go with the scary story, myself.

  7. Or maybe he just wants to get a little frisky with the missus. Poor old guy: Reduced to playing with a jack-in-the-box.... :(


  8. We all see something different in a work of art, and we are all influenced by the interpretations of others.

    Interesting story about a story.

  9. Spooky! I think you have a picture of Santa as a Molester. Hopefully, it is worth lots and lots of money. It would be interesting to see how different the painting would look once it is cleaned-up & etc. Hopefully, back to a jolly santa...

    Hugs, Cory

  10. Dogwood..I think it is Gepetto
    but I agree I thnk it will look much better when restored
    He's sort of impish
    Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)! too
    Litle seed...I think you are daughter did influence me

  11. Gepetto. Yes, so it's not an expression, the eyes are just Italian. Wide and slightly protruding.
    Putting his Jack back in the box could bring on that look too, a bit sneaky, knowing, anticipation... setting up a surprise for somebody.

  12. Susan! I loved him when I saw him at your house. Your imagination is getting carried away. He's a kind little ol' guy. Lucky you!

  13. Why... post it here, of course. What else?

  14. I love quirky! He does have those strange eyes. I just went over to grab my glasses and the eyes followed me!


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