Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why do things happen all in one day?

I'm sure you've had things that need taking care of and you try to... space them out... so you... don't space out. But it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes, it is because you have scheduled one thing when your calendar was clear, and then when something else needed to be scheduled you either didn't have your pocket calendar with you or this new appointment was very important and you had to take the day that they had open.
Now I hear you young ones out there thinking why doesn't she just use her phone calendar...uh...
ask your mom,especially if she has been a stay at home mom who is almost 60. Technology just somehow landed on earth and I was busy.
And then there is resistance...to change. I so didn't want a microwave...didn't need one. Didn't need cable either or a cell phone.
Anyway, today I have three sets of people coming to my house not to mention the unplanned visit from a friend who is in crisis and needs to talk.( I should hang out a shingle)  So there is gong to be chaos in my peaceful abode today as Best Buy is installing two new TVs with sound system.....a gift from my dear husband..for me..right.
And they are giving us one remote for all three items...receiver,cable,blue ray...oh dear....I'm dead.
And then there is the painter coming to talk about staining our new window casements.....
and the landscaper coming to discuss fall cleanup in my garden.

The first team arrived at 8am.....Mr. Darcy, my little kitten (aka Boo) thought this was great fun diving through boxes. But I had to watch that he didn't run out of the door
..all this while talking to the painter about the right color of stain and when he can schedule this work...see more scheduling
The landscaper arrived around 9 am and I had a brief discussion about exactly what I wanted done...and he said okay I'll look around and give you a quote.....and as I'm talking to the painter I see the landscaper looking at the wrong flower beds.....oh dear
And then the Geek Squad wants to know if I want the speakers mounted on the wall.....
and the painter thinks he has a good match for the stain and the landscaper rings my bell and Boo tries to run out of the door.....ARE YOU DIZZY YET?
and to top things off....I see my girlfriend's car pulling in my already crowded driveway..... she's crying!
Yes...mount them on the wall
Yes, colonial something or other is fine
Girlfriend....get a cup of coffee and sit down in the kitchen
Landscaper...thanks, but no thanks
Boo...you're getting locked up

One good thing the Geek Squad has promised me that I will be able to learn how to use the new universal remote ..it's easy......yeah, I say....could your mother work it?
By the look on their faces.....I'm dead.

Now... to sit down and face a friend's broken heart......
something that wasn't scheduled....

Have you had days like this?


  1. Oh my - I AM dizzy! I like to schedule my things one per week. For example, I really need to get a tooth looked at (it's been killing me since they put a filling in), but I'm having lunch with a friend on Thursday so I don't think I can do it this week. Pathetic!

    As far as the remote - I would take a quiet afternoon with the cheat sheet (surely it has one!) & just play with the thing. Not that I really understand ours, but I COULD if I took the time. Really!

  2. Bug...I'll keep you informed..they still say anyone could use it..In fact he said (this cute young installer)..it should say grandma remote..anyone can use it..on the top

  3. Well you day certainly won't be boring!! Enjoy your new television!!

  4. By not knowing how to use the remote, I gain many hours in which to read or write. I look at it as a blessing.

  5. I am dizzy and worn out at the same time ..and that's just from reading your post ;-)I don't have many days that busy but there were two different lots of family here yesterday which was most unusual and I nearly forgot to hand in some photos that I am entering in the local arts festival ...made it there in the last minutes.

  6. I don't remember a day just like your day. But I do find I often schedule too much for one day. And I get on overload. I have always been a bit of a hermit, and am probably even more so now. I like the day to unfold at my pace, I hate to have to meet other people's schedule. I hate when things intrude on my own schedule or what I want to do, everything takes longer than I thought it would. But it sounded like you handled it just fine. Especially your friend in need.

  7. I'm tempted to say yes, but really no. Not quite this intense! Suz... schedule time ALONE with a bottle of wine and a few hours of attitude adjustment!

    PS: Forget about learning the remote. There's just too much life goin on all around!


  8. Whoa, not only am I dizzy, but I have had to go and have a lie down and a nap..

    Have had days like that, but not for a very long time, thank goodness..

  9. I love the new look blog!

    Yes. I've had days like that, and by the end I'm mentally exhausted. As for the remote . . .well I leave that to the LSO.

    Hope you're having a nice restful Wednesday.

  10. oh yes. many times. raising four kids and half their friends? you bet.

    not so many these days.

    ebbs and flow. balance.

    you've got me pondering, suz!

    don't forget to breathe, OK?

  11. Karen I'm struck by your comment and half their friends...
    I did that too...years ago
    our house was the house of refuge and help if needed
    and yes balance...an ongoing thing
    even at my age
    thanks for commenting


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