Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wandering Day

I need a wandering day.
Do you ever desire to just wander? I do.
I feel a very strong pull
sometimes to just get into my car
and stop where I am called to stop
It may be the park, the library, a bookstore,
a thrift shop,an art store or TJMaxx
Or maybe just a drive with music playing
and my mind doing the wandering
There have been times in my car with music playing randomly
and Oh my gosh..something reaches deep inside and I am overwhelmed
with feelings
Gypsy Kings is the kind of music that sometimes.lots of times
aims an arrow at exactly the right thing
I love the beat and passion of their music
and most times that is enough and I drive back home
having danced and loved and released some passion
all in the privacy of my car..wandering
Wonder where my wandering will take me today..?

                                                             BEM BEM BEM MARIA......



  1. Wandering sounds like great fun and very relaxing. Now I want to do that, too! Once in a while I take a drive in the hills to enjoy the land and get away from the traffic and crowds. Looking forward to hearing all about where you end up.

  2. As a retired woman .... there are days when all I do is wander! It's wonderful!

  3. oh I knew there were kindred spirits out there...

  4. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you just posted this! Last night I told my husband that I think I am going to take Friday off for a "Sara" day and just go do whatever I want - walk around my favorite neighborhood, windowshop downtown, maybe head to the farmers market.. wherever my heart takes me! I am so excited. These are the best days :)

  5. You could drive to my house?
    I'm pulling you:)

    The veri word is karme, almost like KARMA!!!

  6. City sidewalks or paths through the woods, I LOVE wandering!

  7. wish i did know that kind of 'pull'. i've been so anal most of my life, everything structured and 'so-so''s changing, the older i get, the more i realize what a waste of precious time it is!

  8. I love the idea of wandering days - and I do spend so much of my time like this, either out and about or in my mind as you say. I find it's a time when I learn so much about myself, my world etc.

  9. My wandering music is by Ennio Morricone soundtrack of the old movie "The Mission" killer music and perfect for country roads. Love the wandering! You have a TJMAXX?

  10. Absolutely yes! Especially during summer I'm out and about even though I usually have no direction in mind! Can you say Road Trip??!!??

    My driving music runs from Steely Dan to Secret Garden, depending on my moooood. Sometimes it's just the silence and sound of the road that makes it happen for me!


  11. Road you're talking

  12. Oh, yes. Grab a camera, and set out aimlessly. Somehow, with the camera sitting there expectantly, I see things I might not ordinarily see. Wandering is often the best way to find yourself.

  13. Pattiken...I can see you and I think alike
    I did just that...looked
    when I have my camera I really look

  14. I never called it that, but yes. YES!! I LOVE wandering days.


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