Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thought some would like to see how Mr. Darcy is doing.
He has grown into the most wonderful addition to our family.
This morning he found his way up onto the bed...he has arrived.
My husband calls him "little bastard" due to his constantly biting his feet as he tries to watch the ballgame.
I call him boo boo baby....Mr. Darcy is such a big name for such a squirt.
I took my senior cat to the vet yesterday with the help of my mom(thanks mom)
and I was full of dread at what I was sure was going to be bad news...Webster is almost 14
Well...the vet called this morning and said he has an infection somewhere in his body
but all his other blood work came out he has to go on antibiotics..that's it..for now at least
He is an aging kitty, but if I can have him around for a bit more....praise God
Webster has been so tolerant of boo boo Darcy...guess the good guy upstairs saw that
and gave him a reprieve
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  1. Mr Darcy is precious...and I will keep Webster in my thoughts. May you all have a good bit more time to enjoy one another!

  2. TC, nothing better than babies. I love him! I grew up with a black kitty, the best!

  3. Oh Suz, that little one is so cute !
    Hope Webster is feeling better soon.
    Nice weekend,

  4. Mr. Darcy is adorable. I hope Webster feels better soon.

  5. Thanks..I just had to chase him all over the house..upstairs, catch him... to give him his med!!! I need a catnap now...

  6. boo-boo is beautiful and *goes so well* with your lovely rug!!!

    hoping the best for Webster. :)

  7. Awwww... nothing like kitty love.

  8. Mr. Darcy has grown into a fine young man. Even though your hubby has a "special" name for him.

  9. suz, i'm so glad that webster is going to be okay. reality says there will be a day when he'll go to kitty heaven but to know it's not that's wonderful news!
    i agree with you, i like boo boo baby, too :)

  10. Cute kitty ...I have always been a cat lover but kittens even more so and Mr Darcy is so very cute.

  11. What a great name for you dear cat. Mr Darcy is a favorite of mine too.

  12. It's lovely to read about Mr. Darcy again :)

  13. What a cutie! Best of luck with your senior kitty too.

  14. I say Mr. Darcy needs his Elizabeth. Love the name; loved the book.

  15. Good for Webster for his tolerance of the new kitty. Mr. Darcy sounds like he's full of fun.

  16. Love your Mr. Darcy...he is spunky and doing well, I see.
    Now about your Magpie tale #26
    OH MY GRACIOUS That is absolutely perfect.


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