Thursday, November 18, 2010

magpie tale # 41

Using the below image as a writing prompt
for a poem or a vignette

Waiting up for her
holding onto, letting go
a stone in my shoe


  1. Suz, I'm really liking these haiku style poem of yours! My read of this poem is the ageless story of a parent waiting for the child during those formative years... and yet having to relinquish control despite the love and worry. Am I wrong?

    Anyway, it is wonderful. It reminded me of an incident with my Dad years ago. Drama then, yet funny now. Maybe I'll tell that tale sometime.

    And your Wednesday poem is a winner too! Lovin these reads!


  2. I always look forward to your posts Suz and I am never dis-appointed!

  3. Lovely post Suz - I too remember those nights clock watching ..

  4. Rick...yes you got to the truth of this poem ....and yes again...I wait for your story've been there..and sometimes I find that stone is still there..right?
    thanks John..the feeling is mutual
    Madamebutterfly..those minutes click by so slowly with worry
    Karen..ah sweet...yes as a memory of what was I all worried about!

  5. Dear Suz,
    No more waiting up at my age though it's always comforting to know my grandchildren are safe and sound in their beds.

  6. wow,
    a 13 words magpie,
    well put.
    powerful writing, suz.
    love your style.

  7. I used to get very cross with my mother. It was the days before cell phones and it wasn't always easy to get to a phone to say that I wouldn't be in after all by such and such a time. Then as I drove up the drive I'd see the bedroom light go off! I used to rev my sports car engine just to annoy! Like: "I'm home!"

    My punishment? I have a daughter who as I was, is over 21 and as I did, lives at home! History repeats itself!

    Great piece.

  8. Thanks glad you caught the essence of what I was going for...and yes I still ask my daughter to call me when she reaches home..some 40 miles away...hee hee

  9. Hi Sue

    Your email address seems to have dis-appeared before I got the chance to save it.

  10. Love where you went with this pic !

  11. Hi Suz,
    Very typical and this happens often times. It goes both ways but more often mothers are the ones kept waiting - why? Mothers are more forgiving and mothers find solace by inventing excuses for daughters who are late - that's mom's everlasting love for an offspring! It's natural.

  12. oh love the last speaks volumes...

  13. Suz,
    We went to visit our 32 y.o. over Halloween. We baby sat their one and only one year old so they could go clubbing. How quickly the stone returns! :)

  14. Wonderful haiku - it says so much! Well done.

  15. so much said, in so few words. Very nice.

  16. Brings back a few memories from both sides of the clock - nicely penned!

  17. Suz,

    Okay. I'm hooked. I go for neat and tight and nevertheless suggestive poems.

    Haiku. Good shot. Indirect use of time. Unsure what 'holding onto, letting go' might mean, then natural 'explanation.

    Like it, like it.


  18. Trulyfool...thank you and welcome

  19. Oh, dear, I certainly can relate to this one. With a decade of teenagers in the house, I don't think I got a single good night's sleep. Now, my youngest, 24, is home for a semester from school. Thankfully, my mind doesn't instinctively wait up for him.

  20. Kids as a 'stone in my shoe'. Absolutely brilliant as all parents will agree!

  21. well said. i know the feeling.


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