Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning walk

On my walk through the garden this morning
as I stepped along the path I could hear the rustling of leaves
When I stopped, it stopped
When I walked, something walked
Finally, I spotted the little mourning dove
walking through the leaves
I smiled, and it froze...knowing it had been discovered
I had to "chase" him quietly and slowly
to get a shot of him...oh ..I mean a photo of him
Next to the robin the mourning doves are my favorite
...ordinary, and despised by many
I prefer to see them as blessings
They mate for life...I like that in birds and people
They coo in the light of the setting sun...I'm right there with them

They  wobble away from most movement
either of the squirrels or other birds
They are not fighters...but rather they are funny little winged creatures
that delight me in the garden when I just sit and watch
Anything that causes me to be still is a blessing
..a mighty charge they have been given
Be yourself .... you never know who you bless



  1. How sweet. I smiled at your description of how you discovered him. :)

  2. lovely....
    i just adore these birds....i toss bird seed to them everyday under my apple and apricot hearing them cooing late in the afternoon...beautiful little creatures...

    have a wonderful Fall weekend,

  3. Oh I like mourning doves too. One year I was lucky enough to watch a pair, build a nest, lay eggs and feed their two babies until they went off on their own. What a treat that was.

  4. Ahhh, your words.....
    I also love the mourning doves that grace our yard all year long. Your words make me appreciate them even more:)

  5. I always love birds.
    beautiful poetry.

  6. Joe found a baby that had fallen out of its nest. The mother and dad were beside themselves. We fed it and watered it with a eye dropper and as soon as we felt it might make it we put it under the tree early one morning and believe it or not mom came swooping down and stayed with it until it could fly up in the tree.

  7. Such a lovely bird, but then I do love birds, and your words really speak to me too. Be yourself ..the best thing to be.

  8. Great post Suz, the way you write allows your readers to live the moment with you.

  9. put us right there...very nice....

  10. where would we be without them? their wonderful sounds, their souls so expressive?

  11. well said and i agree 100%!

    i'm off to get caught up on my absolute fav author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It could have been a Ghost!
    Thanks for visiting Suz..
    I Liked your story..
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G


    Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xx
    Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.


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