Sunday, November 28, 2010

a Sunday thought

the house is quiet now
and my being is filled with stillness
the sunset kind
the blue sky kind
the I just heard the owl kind
the thank you God for all I have kind
the let me be a good steward of my gifts kind
the humble kind
the loving kind
the watch the moon rise kind
the amen kind


  1. I love this, Suz. And the sentiment on the art piece on the tree is "most perfect"!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.


  2. Wow! A great prayer-poem to start the week. Thank you.

    My word verification is "tries." Good omen?

  3. A beautiful prayer for a Sunday.

  4. How perfect...our thoughts ARE prayers, aren't they!

  5. Suz,

    I'm an ingrate in that I fail to remember to be grateful for being able to.

    Sometimes I raise that up. When I do, it's heard.


  6. Nice way to start the week Suz, lovely prayer.

    And the artwork is gorgeous.

  7. Lovely thoughts to end a day and thanks Suz for also being the 'keeping in contact with friends' kind.

  8. Trulyfool...forgetting to be grateful for being able to be grateful...that's a wonderment in itself are a mystery to me...but I like you very much..we would agree on not much..but I am absolutely certain we would have fun doing it
    and a caring heart transcends it I age (ugh) I see all the crap in life that means is the personal that matters...who, what, and why we love..and yes I am that friend
    You did get me going on that last "prayer" of yours....

  9. Lovely, lovely! And I'll add another AMEN!

  10. Suz, you are one of a kind.........
    Great art and words.

    (Didn't get Alastair a cake, he's 28 now. Ethan's (Helen's little boy) birthday though is soon to, and he's 10, there'll be cake for that day, hmmmm......)

  11. heartfelt..
    lovely poetry as always..

    feel free to join our week 12 potluck..

    Thanks for the support.

  12. ...the grateful for a fabulous writer king.



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