Sunday, November 14, 2010


I chased him across the yard
my Indian corn in his mouth
the thief!
I yelled I screamed...That's Iowa Indian corn!
drop it or else
well...he did...but I saw his partner in crime
got away with one.....
and there they were up the tree
yeeking at me.......
And when I came inside to tell my WH
he just pointed at the bag of unsalted peanuts
on the counter
"And who did you buy those for?" he asked
I hate him
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  1. sorry,
    Hope that he feels guilty and stop coming.

    powerful poetry,
    well put.
    love the corn.

  2. Iowa corn .... oh, how I love those cornfields and the stories they must hold!

  3. Up to you ususal high standard Suz.

  4. Oh, that was too funny! Beautiful corn, I'd be mad, too. :)

  5. Ha!!!
    that was a delight

    peanuts and all


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