Monday, November 1, 2010

end of journey

My daughter was shocked
that I took this photo of this dead bird
That's not just a dead bird I told her
It's a warbler
actually two of them had hit the glass and died
So many of our migrating birds die this way
and there isn't much we can do about it
marking the glass helps a bit
but die they will no matter what
and this caused me to pause
and mourn this tiny warrior
his journey cut short
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  1. It's such a frightening sudden death for the bird. So quick, he doesn't even know it. Sad really.

  2. So sad, Suz, sometimes birds hit the glass here too. And our Moesj sometimes catches a little bird, I feel bad when that happens.
    Lovely wishes,

  3. Very sad Suz, but quick. And they have their passing marked by a loving, caring being, that being you.........

  4. Ah that is sad. I had a young male cardinal do that a couple of years ago at my house.

  5. We tried sticking a large picture of a predator species (here a hawk) on the glass. Seemed to work, and so might a picture of a cat. always distressing for us and even worse for the bird!

  6. Thank you for this write. A pause to think and to remember. Thanks

  7. Beautiful picture.

    We've had good luck with using the silhouette of a soaring hawk, cut from black construction paper.


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