Friday, November 12, 2010


The past few days the illusion of Spring tempted me-the sun so bright,
and the air had the scent of wet earth
and if I closed my eyes my heart almost leaped for joy
that Spring had come to rescue me from season-dread
The feeling I get when things go stark and dark
and colorless and I don't have any flower faces to speak to me glorious scent of this or that in the air
But had an epiphany
Master Autumn lit a match overnight
and his tailcoat of leaves were ablaze in the slanted afternoon light 
in  crimson, gold, and orange
...and joy filled me like a new day

It is the time of transition that I dread
And I thought about transitions in life and how hard they are
I think...I know...I am going through one right now
and maybe that is why this autumn transition has been so hard
I dread my own transition...I want Spring again
but autumn is here ... almost gone
But today I fell in love with Master Autumn again
transition complete for now



  1. I'm like you: Give me spring, summer, sun, color and warmth any day! I love being outdoors unrestrained by heavy coats and a runny nose.

    Have you noticed that there's always a time in November when trees and bushes look like early spring? Kinda gives me a lift to imagine.

    Just think, Suz, only 128 days till spring! Whoo Hoo!


  2. Well Suz another great post and what a title. We are always in transition one way or another, sometimes we love it, other times not, but it happens anyway. The great thing is that you are AWARE! Enjoy the eternal Spring within.

  3. I love the line about Master Autumn lighting a match!

  4. the transitions help us grow and sometimes make life interesting :)
    lovely write. I like all seasons... except when they are at their extremes

  5. I struggle with autumn, too, but this year have been handling it a bit better. I've been trying to figure out why, and I think it is related to being outdoors and walking more. Your words are so beautiful, Suz. I can just see the fiery autumn colors.

  6. Hi Sweet Lady~

    Transitions can be challenging. I don't seem to mind moving into Fall and Winter. It is a heartfelt time for me. Family, friends and warm feelings. Cozy is my word for today. Fire burning, clouds, music and I am happy making Thanksgiving cards.


  7. I just love your blog! Your writings... your photos ... you!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful picture and words! While Spring is my favorite, I always enjoy Autumn's glorious melancholy.

  9. this is lovely transitions.
    spring will be in the making,
    be patient,
    she will knock at your door in no time.

  10. @Suz beautifu piece of poetry..amazing crafting..and you have beautifully described the expression of the dread of transition..using nature & seasons as a living metaphor..kudos...even I dread transition..kudos :)

  11. Ditto, ditto, ditto & ditto. Sigh.

  12. My life has been a constant state of transition--mostly self-imposed, self-induced. But that's part of the adventure, don't ya think? Change/transition can be difficult, but as you've reminded me, it's all a part of the cycle :-)


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