Saturday, June 5, 2010

anyone want to take the 1:30 am shift? How about th 4:30?

My friend Mary has been a dear and been helping rescue and spay/neuter/release feral cats with kittens in her Townhouse community. It seems that someone dumped a litter of kittens and now they are dealing with the consequences. They thought they had gotten the last of the cats fixed..when low and behold one lone kitten showed up one day. No mom that they knew of was around..the other cat had been fixed already.
 I agreed to take this little one. The vet says it is 3 weeks old. ..So I have been feeding this little cutie every 3 hours.....and I look it!   Life....take it as it comes.....and always with a loving heart.
And bless Mary and her friend Vicki for being such wonderful caring women to care for the least of God's creatures.


  1. Oh what a darling little kitty. Have you come up with a name yet?

  2. Awwwww! You and this kitty are going to share such a bond after this. What a sweetie!

  3. Oh Suz, how nice that you've taken this kitten !
    And I'm sure that you're taking good care of this sweetie.

  4. What a cute fuzzball! It must be fun having a new baby, um, I mean kitten in the house. Both of my cats came to me when they were five or six weeks old, and while they didn't need to be handfed, they did needs lots of special attention. I love having kittens around, it is so fun to see the world through their new eyes. What will you name him?

  5. Just think, you are saving one on Gods creatures....and paying for it with bags under your eyes:)

  6. Cats are my favorites!

    Thank you so very much, Suz, for your thoughtful and loving comments for my Dad and family.


  7. Well done, you! That is the sweetest little kitten, and you are doing a wonderful thing.

    Those sleepless nights will be worth it in the end.

  8. my heart is warmed by all the good wishes for this little helpless orphan
    no name..not sure what it is
    We're bonding alright we both tanked this afternoon
    sweetie...yes indeed and very cuddly
    If it's a boy..Mr. Darcy!
    Red! no good deed goes unpunished
    and I am looking like a mess..glad I made your day ;) lover and poet...!

    Nana..I'm only living my faith
    and he/she is precious and without a mom

  9. There is nothing "least of .." about that little cutie.

  10. reading thru all of the comments that were left, i am amazed at how one little kitten can touch the heart of so many people! this is a lovely story, suz, and it's heartwarming that you're such a big part of making sure this little fella/or girl has the chance to enjoy it...what a sweetheart YOU are!

  11. Oh my gosh...he's adorable. Thank goodness for you. xx

  12. What a cutie, and how lucky to have found you. Hope it is a boy, because Mr Darcy is a great name.

  13. An adorable little Kitten, wonderful what your friends are doing.

  14. Oh what a darling!

    Will you keep him/her?

    Well done! and thank you to you and all the other wonderful people who help animals. x

  15. Aww..what a cute little kitten. Thank God for people like Vicky and Mary and you!

  16. Oh goodness, what a poor pitiful little thing. Looks like it landed in a house with style and love. You are a very caring person to take this on.

  17. oh gosh Suz, I know that feeling. We've had to do that here, with motherless litters. They are so tiny and fragil and needy. you are amazing (and your friends). Bless you and this darling bundle of life.
    I would take a turn if I could.
    Hang in there buddy.


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