Monday, June 7, 2010

This mama stuff is hard. Too much food, not enough food. Every 2hours now every 4 hours....quiet/cry
rock me..snuggle me....put me in my box with a warm blanket.....up again trying to figure it all out.
Went to the vet doesn't want the bottle..been using a eyeballs are ready to fall out
and I can hardly stay awake
He the vet says to use a syringe and give him baby kitty food every 4 hours....
fine...but now he screams when he's hungry...and wants to crawl up my neck and start sucking on it...
I rock, I caress...I cup his little head in my hands and talk to him...oh yeah, the vet thinks its a boy
Mr. Darcy
but not right now....he's more like bad kitty
But I wouldn't have it any other way
after all he's the one without a mom and has to put up with a dunderhead
shoving food in his mouth......
Good grief makes me shutter to remember how stupid I was when I brought
my first baby home...I knew nothing about babies
trial and error
nothing new under the sun.........
But I take hope in the fact that all my kids turned out wonderful
I think Mr. Darcy will too.


  1. Ahh, Mr. Darcy he will love you forever.

    Hang in there, you are doing a wonderful job.

  2. Oh, Suz another Mr. Darcy...I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm sure you're doing a fabulous job. Mr. Darcy has probably just figured out that if he screeches you'll give him more food. I think that's the first thing a baby learns :)

  4. Patience is all part of the love...
    Have fun...

  5. last night..a mess in his cage..thanks food...went back to formula
    after a bath at 3am...rocked to sleep for an hour...then off to a clean crashed
    roseanna..I told you I liked that name...and if I ever had another boy cat..that would be it...thanks!

  6. You have a little "bundle of needs and joys" on your hands. I remember those sleepless night but oh the wonders of them once past waking up every few hours. You have permission for naps during the day!!!

    Hugs, Dogwood

  7. You should see the big smile on my face ... LOVE the name! Ooh, I hope you get some rest, you poor mama. He is lucky to have been adopted by you. My black kitty came to me too young, so he sucked on the skin between my thumb and forefinger. Three years later, he still does it on occasion.

  8. Stac...I knew your ole heart would go a flutter

  9. Suz, he needs you and you're doing a great job !

  10. Not that it matters, but on the way to here I noted your age and thought you were ever so brave and clever having a new baby at your age. Not a record I know, but before that child finished it education you could be, well, maybe eighty plus.
    Then realised Mr Darcy was a cat. Nine lives, don't sweat it, they survive. So so kids by the way. You are a softie what cat wouldn't love you!

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us, Suz. Mr Darcy will be bring lots of joy and happiness in return.

  12. Oh, Suz! A kitten! And a Mr. Darcy kitten at that!
    Hang in there with the tiny kitten stuff...

  13. aw, suz, this was precious! i'm so sorry that you are suffering from lack of sleep and from giving constant care :( i had to laugh as you ended your post with such insight about your own 'babies'...chuckles!

  14. I love that you named him Mr. Darcy. Love it!!

  15. you are amazing.
    i hope you can keep trying the bottle with the kitten formula. once they get the hang of it, they will suck and suck and take it all in. it will be much easier for you and him than the dropper. it can take some time for them to get it right. we often had to cut the nipple from the feeding kit to make the hole bigger.i promise if you keep trying he will get it. keep putting the nipple in his mouth and squeezing just a little.

    you can buy a snuggle disk for his little box too. it's a round plastic heating pad you heat in the microwave then put blankets over in his box. Feels like the warmth of his mama. Has helped me with baby kittens and sick animals.

    I wish I was closer and could come help.
    i'm sure you know to burp and then stimulate his privates with a warm wash cloth, over the sink so he can potty? (mama cat usually licks them to do this)

    thinking of you and the little fur ball.


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