Monday, June 21, 2010

somedays...actually more and more days than I care to count...I feel like the lilly that couldn't weather the storm and just gave up and bent..submitted to what
No matter how beautiful
no matter how many potential buds to open
no matter that this too will pass
no matter that I did everything I was supposed to do
the storm came
and I yielded...

but I did not break
I'm flexible
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  1. I'm finding that flexible is all that works for me at my age now. I just wish my body felt the same.
    Glad you didn't break.

  2. Sometimes yielding is all you CAN do. Breaking's not an option though - so I'm glad you're still whole.

  3. i think sometimes yielding is actually the strongest and bravest response of all...

  4. Sorry about that poor lovely lilly bloom. It is good to be flexible when it comes to the weather.

    Happy First Day of Summer.

  5. thanks for the reminder not to be stiff and unyielding ... to bend with the wind and let go.

  6. Suz, with this post, you've put into words what I've not been able to these past few weeks. " matter...the storm came and I yielded..." Perfect.

    And that last line in your Magpie: "The oak grip of indecision." That's just perfect, too!


  7. I am going on day 2 of 'beaten by the storm.' Maybe tomorrow will be more bearable.

    Verification word: resti
    does that mean I need some?

  8. Yes you need a house to fall on you!?!

  9. that's a lot to say. many would break and die, but bending is the key to survival. isaiah 42:3 *"A bruised reed He will not break...*

  10. i know just what you mean.

    last lines,
    good to remember.


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