Saturday, June 19, 2010

Magpie tale #19

                                 Willow at hosts a weekly writing prompt
                                             Using the below photo write a vignette or poem

I feel as though I am prostrate
on a knife blade,balanced
over cold sharpened steel.

If I breathe too hard or move
at all.
I will be sliced in half.

The weight of it.

If I do nothing
I still bleed
still suffer.

Which is worse?

The oak grip
of indecision.


  1. You have certainly captured the emotions that accompany indecision. Very nice!

  2. Nice Magpie. I like the last line..
    "The oak grip of indecision"

  3. Powerful and vivid. Great Magpie!

  4. Such wonderful and striking metaphor, your words a poetic delight.

  5. The oak grip
    of indecision. That's a strong grip nice line! Great Magpie!

  6. Love this poem! This must be how my husband feels when he's trying to make a decision. I'm usually a snap decision maker - I might regret it later, but I mostly would rather regret than think too hard.

  7. powerful slowly let it cut or move quick and draw it deep...a question that i am glad i do not have to make today...great magpie!

  8. Do something, act, bleed, have it done with..Recover..Miracles happen!
    Good mag...

  9. Vivid and powerful, especially 'The oak grip of indecision'. One I will have to re-read.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  10. Indecision. How true your words are! Nice poem with a wonderful edge.

  11. ooh, a fine magpie, suz! it fascinates me to read what so many have seen when they saw this weeks prompt, and yours is not exception!! i could feel the pain of both decisions, knowing both were going in a bad direction!

  12. Gosh, I certainly can relate. We Libras can never make up our minds!

  13. ah yes- the weighing of pros and cons....the agony of choice.

  14. The dilemma of all consuming fear.

  15. Once again, your word choice is amazing...


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