Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life in red shoes

This blogger friend of mine deserves her own recognition
I don't remember how I found her, but I'm sure I was drawn to her
sharp wit and complete honesty about what is going on in her world
sometimes uplifting sometimes heartbreaking sometimes hilarious
but always engaging
Like her....I go for red that I think about it
that is what drew me to her shoes
it takes courage and guts to wear red
I wore red only after I changed my life
and began being honest with myself about what I wanted in life
and honest about expressing it
which included
Her name is Bridgette, but I like to call her RED
'cause she is red personified
vulnerabilites and all
And I like the way she razzes me like a sister
so Red, I award you the first RED SHOE AWARD
for being you.....and that is a hard act to follow there.


  1. I used to Love to wear red, but my honey hates it when I did so I stopped. Here to find out that, it was the one color his X wore often. Good enough reason for me to stop, at least when he is looking. Sometimes, I still sneak it in.

  2. Love this! I have a red sundress that I LOVE--wear it all the time--even though I've been told that red isn't my color.

    On another note, I had an interview today so you'd better pray for a certain Smith!!! ( I think I nailed it but...)

  3. I love red. Its my favorite color. I'm wearing red right now!!

  4. A good friend of mine calls red her neutral!

  5. WOW! Did it sound like I was fishing for compliments?
    It worked;)

    I love red, but that wasn't always so. Pop on over and let me explain.

  6. I love red, too. I used to have red patent heels, but a long time ago.

    lifeinredshoes - love your blog. Glad Suz found you!

  7. Ah red, I'm only just now discovering it. I'm so glad you changed your life and found your red. You of course deserve this award. Your Bridgette sounds wonderful.

  8. stafford ray.....and with style

  9. I think you are right-- it takes courage and guts to wear red shoes-- go for it!

  10. Well done Suz, what a great post.

    I too follow "reds" blog, and enjoy reading her posts. I am a lover of the colour red, in fact my wedding dress was red,(2nd marriage) and although I don't have red shoes I have a lot of red in my wardrobe.

    Red and purple such a regal combination

  11. What a cool award! Now I want to go out and buy a pair of red shoes ... not heels, I never wear those, but maybe sneakers. I like that you invented your own award.


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