Friday, June 25, 2010

Susan's Challenge

Jeez! I hate it when I'm late! I have just spent a half hour writing a story using 100 words
that must include Even-tramp-shuffle-lair-epic--and if you can, include the phrase till death do us part....
and I was too late to post it.......guess I better check Susan's blog more often
thanks Susan for the challenge..even if it never got posted
but here it is: why waste a good story
100 words

I was a tramp and even tramps can be lured into a lair of no return,shuffle into some one's arms who means
Until death do us part. My experience reads more like flash fiction than an epic,but it was no less frightening the night I met the man with the scar above his lip.
"How much?" he asked like every other john.
"For you, fifty bucks," I said, good sex dripping off of my tongue.
As I zipped opened his pants in the backseat of his car,a knife blade flashed and I knew it wasn't about sex.

boo hoo...I could have been a contender......ya think?


  1. Wow, you used all of the words and the phrase in the first sentence. Yeah, you could have been a contender.

  2. You should get a paycheck for this.

  3. That is soo good. Well done.

    What a shame you were too late.

  4. And then what??? Did she grab the knife and .....

  5. I think any time spent writing is hardly wasted...posted or not.

    Very cleverly orchestrated.

  6. are completely right


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