Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mr. Darcy is eating pretty well, but still seeks his mother in my fingers.
His ears are up and his eyes are clear. But he was patient as I watched a
whole day of America's Next Top Model.....even my husband won't do that.
I am very tired and constantly washing dishes, bottles or towels and blankets
and feeding and cleaning this little one
not much time for much else...very needy little one.
Hope soon to really write something that someone might really want to read.
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  1. Mr. Darcy is one lucky little one in finding you and your kindness...!

  2. awww, suz, he is adorable! even looking as attentive as he does, you can tell he's a helpless little guy. i love what you're doing for him! really, who in this rat race has the time to minister to the 'least of these'? you just keep doing what you're supposed to do...we'll be here ;) take care, my friend!

  3. Wow, look how much he has changed in a week. His eyes are so much clearer

    Well done keep up the good work.

  4. What a sweet little kitten. Mr. Darcy is a cutie pie. Glad he let you catch up on your show.

  5. Oh Suz, he's so sweet !
    And so lucky you're taking care of him.
    Nice Sunday,

  6. Mr Darcy is looking wonderful, you are doing a great job. But please remember to mother and look after yourself too.

    I am thinking of your both and sending energy and love. x

  7. oh, what a precious wee one he is. steady on, friend...soon he'll reward you by being a constant and steady companion.

  8. He's a cutie patootie that's for sure!

  9. What a wonderful thing you're doing for this sweet kitty. She looks healthy and loved. Are you keeping her?

  10. Way too cute sitting in that baby flannel blanket in a sheepskin pillow. Oh, my our cats are such percious little friends.

    Have an enjoyable day.


  11. Mr. Darcy is completely adorable. Though, maybe he won't look quite as yummy as our other Mr. Darcy after a dunk in the lake?

  12. Oh, what a good "mommy" you are! And by the way, I love reading ANYthing you write...

  13. Love the name!! Mr Darcy is definitely looking better. What an adorable kitty he is. You must be in love.

  14. "Mr. Darcy" is INDEED a lucky little baby. I truly believe he was stolen by his grandmother and she, having recently been spayed, was unable to feed him. Grandma was not happy, it seems, and removed him, AND HIS TWIN, from the mom.
    I am happy to report his/her, twin, is alive and well also, the same eyes even! I just got back from visiting her/him.
    But Suz, you are nursing the weaker of the two, who knows how long it was there, unfed, when I found it.
    I just knew on the way to the shelter, there had to be a better life for this little one...and you picked up the phone.
    I think you should BOTH be named Blessed....

  15. OMG IS HE AWESOME!! I wish wish I could have a cat. I do love their softness and purriness but am so darned allergic. SO I'll settle for your pics for now. Wonder if I can wrap one in sarah wrap....KIDDING!

  16. I'm reading backwards!
    He looks FANTASTIC.
    You are doing a marvelous job mama!


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