Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas card from Little Miss

When my grandaughter was here last week she loved my Christmas cards hung
on the stairs.  Soon I passed by them and saw one had been added.
Is this from you Reagan?  I asked her.  Yes, she said with a big smile.
But where's your brother's name? I asked.
 I didn't have room for it ,Grandma.
Nothing changes.


  1. That card is the sweetest! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sweet innocence and love. Wonderful

  3. awe you guys are letting Little Miss off too easily....;)

  4. A typical sister remark if ever I heard one ... oh, so sweet!!!

  5. Oh how gorgeous ...both the card and her remark about not enough room for her brother.

  6. I love this..yes let him take care of himself!! Adorable...

  7. m. heart of Secret notebooks and wild pages sent me this way to meet another person who turned 60 last Sunday! Love your blog! Love your granddaughters card!

    Happy Birthday to you!

  8. Came to your blog by way off my good friend Bridgette, of Red Shoe fame.
    Can relate to so much you write of and love the micro fiction! I'll be back!

  9. oliag..bless M.Heart..welcome..I love meeting new friends..60..did you ever think it would happen to us and so soon...why we're young!
    come back stay awhile...I just love that M.Heart..what a great woman she is...so smart, so inner seeking....love that
    Cathycan..Hello! You are a friend of Red...whoa..she's something..
    her and I could get into a heap of trouble together..I just know it
    ..I suspect you could be the driver
    Thanks for coming by...welcome again...Love that Red

    Vicki..My little Reagan just cracked me up with her card stuck on my stairs....just like her father and his sister and me and my brothers before him..ha ha..
    It's the little smiles in life that count big

  10. I used to tell my Mom I wanted to be an only. Oh Honey, she would say, who would you send back? Without missing a beat I would say...the rest of them;)

  11. So funny! My six siblings and I all went to the same Catholic school where there would be announcements addressed to students who were the "oldest and only" at the school, neither of which ever applied to me.

    Sometimes I was so envious of the "onlies"...I can relate to Little Miss :-)

  12. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know just what she means.

  13. Little Miss is getting way too much sympathy...
    Oldest and onlies.
    wow that would make a good title for a poem or story...I was a middle and only girl


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