Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From May Sarton's Well

May Sarton is a favorite author of mine. She is long gone now,but her wisdom
 through her journals and poetry I still seek.
This bit of thought comes from the book From May Sarton's Well , By Edith Schade

"The more our bodies fail us,the more naked and more demanding is the spirit,the more open and loving we can become if we are not afraid of what we are and of what we feel.
One of the censors that has been at work has been the notion that to be in love at our age is ludicrous and somehow not proper, that passionate love can be banished after sixty shall we say? That is one of the myths that has been around a long time, but it was never true. Love at any age has its preposterous side
-that is why it comes as a kind of miracle at any age.
It is never commonplace, never to be experieinced without a tremor.
 But to stop arbitrarily the flow of life because of a preconceived idea, any preconceived idea,
 is to damamge the truth of the inner person...that is dangerous.
Are we not on earth to love each other?
And to grow?
And how does one grow except through love,
except through opening ourselves to other human beings to be fertilized and made new?"



  1. Love makes the world go round! :-)

  2. I will certainly have to read more of May Sarton's works! This is a wonderful quote...and so appropriate for our 60th

    We do indeed share 12/12/50 for our birthday:)

  3. Of course you love May Sarton. I should have known. It seems almost no one has ever heard of this woman whose words I love. I am so glad that you do. And, M.F.K. Fisher? You love her, too. Right??

  4. agree........beautiful and true!

  5. is a wonderful quote isn't it for our birthday..hee hee

    Relyn..really ,you like her too? I love her journals...and poetry
    M.F.K Fisher..of course!

    Janean...John..Happy at any age!

  6. You were where I left off yesterday. Each day seems shorter than the day before. I do very little decorating,
    little shopping, just a littler entertaining, and yet, the time runs through the hour glass more quickly these days. I wanted to agree with what you said about May Sarton, I love her work, and have always found her to be nurturing to women. Thanks for your post.

  7. is essential to grow and flourish.


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