Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday poem and Magpie tale #46

I think Rick started it....
I'm certain he was hungering for a Magpie challenge
and when Tess posted her most luscious poem at
he couldn't help himself
 hope you don't mind ,Willow

  I took the opportunity to use your image

OH! it is a Magpie Tale!

Leather gloves holding a memory of her
The bend of her pinkie finger shows
in the stillness of them lying on the table
I slip my hand gently into the soft leather
and want to find her there
in the worn folds of kid skin
just like I sought her in the empty chair
 that holds the worn oak
 echoes of her hands,
But,she floats in and out like the breeze
through the cracked window on a hot night
...bringing little relief


  1. Oh my, I like this one!
    we seek people who are gone in the most varied places and sometimes it takes us
    to surprising outcome- thanks and glad for the visit!

  2. Oh, so lovely, Suz! Today it snows, and you speak of hot nights. It's the way to have it all! Thanks

  3. 'I slip my hand gently into the soft leather and want to find her there..' Those lines are just beautiful - haunting and sweet.

  4. Beautiful lines, especially "that holds the worn oak / echoes of her hands" The ending is very powerful too.

  5. Suz this is a favorite for many wonderful lines in this one! :-)

  6. Suz,
    Amazing how an image can be brought to the fore simply by touching an object that was in contact with another.

  7. Gloves do hold a person's imprint don't they ...I love your reference to memories floating in and out, they do bring very little relief.

  8. oh i could totally see myself doing this...great poem..

  9. Suz it is an awesome poem, one of your best. Well done, I love it.

  10. Oh my gosh, Suz, you are such an amazing writer. I love the phrase, "echoes of her hands". I hope you will still visit my blog after you become poet laureate.

  11. Happy New Year
    I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling

  12. Very nice, Suz. I hope you will also link this lovely piece to Magpie!

  13. lovely write Suz, "wanting to find her there"....floating in and out...lots of feeling in this pair of gloves....Have a wonderful New Year....blessings...bkm

  14. this is breathtakingly beautiful

  15. A beautiful poem filled with love.

  16. I don't think I ever told you that I really like your posts. They are so attractive the way you arrange things

  17. Suz this is amazing and perfect...i love it! Happy New Year! :-)


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