Monday, December 27, 2010

coyote beautiful

Boo saw him first.
I was busy rinsing some plates in the sink when I looked out
and saw what I thought was a dog sniffing around in the snow.
I thought maybe the dog I rescued last week had returned...
Boo was all hissy and when I walked over to the patio door.
.there he was a coyote at the steps of my deck.
This is not a photo of the actual coyote..Of course, my camera was upstairs
but this is what he looked liked...only thinner and injured
His leg was broken and he was eating birdseed and bread that I had just thrown out for the birds.
He was pitiful looking. What should I do? Then he looked up and saw me..those squinty eyes
burning a hole through me....and he hobbled off as quickly as he could.
I put on my coat and grabbed my camera and went out to see if I could find him...but he was gone
What I did find was a whole mess of feathers along the side of the house..that's another story I'm sure
Poor creatures....I'm sure he will die
I still wonder what ever happened to that goose that came on my deck this fall with a broken wing heart breaks a little bit each time


  1. Poor animal !
    You went out to find him, Suz, aren't they dangerous ?

  2. powerful,
    best wishes for everything in your life.

  3. Sylvia,Yep, that's what my husband "said" when I told him...yikes
    I was only going to see where he went and maybe call for help
    I guess it could have been dangerous

  4. Oh Suz, I would have done the same thing and gone outside to see where it had gone.

  5. I think it's hard to see any creature injured and in pain and not feel like helping them.
    What a beautiful animal the coyote is. I have never seen one; we don't have them in NZ.

  6. Oh Suz, what a sad story and a testament to your generosity of spirit. I am so proud of you.


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