Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My current reads

What can I say...I am a very complicated woman
Today May Sarton
tomorrow Mother West Wind Stories by..Thorton Burgess
You would faint if you saw all the old childrens books and readers I have collected for over 30 years.
I always more..Then I see another one and oh I have to have it
The Adventures of Reddy Fox is one of my new ones
Purchased in Galena, Illinois last month
I may read it to Finn tomorrow
I have the entire day with I got down on the floor and crawled around with him...and I could hardly get up!  Finn I said..You've got to man up and start walking...'cause this is going to kill grandma
I felt like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz  ...oilcan oilcan oilcan


  1. Children's books?? You collect 'em??

    OK, Suz. Confession time here. I'll probably regret writing this down. But here goes: I have collected, and love to read............Oh damn........Nancy Drew books.

    There. I said it. An old man like me, liking Nancy Drew books. The OLD ones, not the newer, updated ones with modern language and gadgets.

    I was first introduced to those stories when I was a third grader. The first one was "The Hidden Staircase." I was hooked.

    So there. That's it. I confess. What reputation I may have had is probably gone...... LOL!


  2. I scour the halls of my 60 years old school at the beginning and end of every school year whe things are "cleaned up". I have quite the collection of old childrens books but none so BEAUTIFUL as those pictured in your post! what treasures!
    Do you have a Kindle or any other digital reader? I just can't get into them. I love the feel of the paper too much. My books are a major part of my home decorating scheme and I love to be able to pick one off the shelf when my son has a book report due.
    also, loved the xmas card! she's a smartie!

  3. Oh how wonderful, children's books. I would love to have a collection like your's!
    And Finn is beautiful, what a wonderful time your are having with him. I can't wait until I am a Nana ;-)

  4. Hi Suz, at least it is an oil can and not an oil truck)

    I love books too and I have recently bought some Tarzan books which I loved as a boy and I still ove reading them. I think books in these days were a bit like the movies, great stories which didn´t need all trhe "extras2 rhat seem to be essential now to some srories/movies.

  5. Oh too Nancy Drews were wonderful books...keep the hardy Boys...My Favorite was the The Secret of the Old Clock...I agree the old ones with the roadster
    Do you collect the blue covered ones..I do My daughter wants them now..oh dear that's what I get for letting her read them...Which ones are you missing..I'll keep an eye out for them..I see them quite often
    Cathycan..Kindle..ha ha ha...I can hardly handle a computer and cell phone...but thanks for giving me all that credit..You should see the gorgeous illustrations in those old books..maybe I'll share a few sometime...I'll get you all drooling is better than I could have ever imagined...and it came at a time when I was finally feeling free to explore me..but oh is me I discovered..lucky thing
    John..very funny It only goes to show about conditioning...I need to get back to yoga and pilates I'll be on the lookout for Tarzan books for you..every once in awhile I have seen them

  6. I loved Nancy Drew, but I read the Bobbsey Twins (booorring - those kids were TOO nice) and Heidi and a few other books that my aunts had. The were probably too girly for Finn :) He's a cutie!

  7. Okay about the Five peppers?

  8. Dear post. Thanks. Hope he is on his feet soon, but perhaps you will wonder then, why you wished for it.
    The little wonders!

  9. I have a collection of Nancy Drew (52) and The Bobbsey Twins (45) books. I have other childrens books too. There must be a lot of us out there! :-)

  10. I love and still read my old children's books -- all the Oz books, Wind in the Willows, The Little Princess, The Secret Garden -- oh, I could go on and on.

  11. Love that hair! Have a great time reading and just BEING with him. There is nothing like it.

  12. I'm very shallow when it comes to my book collection, all decorating books:O
    And that little guy is a cutie:)

  13. Your posts always make me chuckle. Interesting to see what's on your reading list! I hope Finn starts walking soon ...

  14. Thanks for the sweet post on my blog, Suz. Of course, I was thinking of you when I painted that owl. Those owls at your house still a wonderful memory.
    I love that you read and collect old books. Imagine all the eyes and hands that those books have encountered.
    Finn is so big. Can see I haven't been here in a while.
    Keep smiling, friend!

  15. Butterfly woman..I meant you!

  16. Oh, I love children's/young adult novels! Anne of Green brother-in-law tells me I remind him of her..I can't imagine why :-)

    And Finn? Oh, my goodness...what a little munchkin!

    P.S. funny word verification is "fixim"--is it a sign? Is it even possible to "fix him"? Oh, aren't I awful?


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