Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magpie tale #44

I am always curious as to what these prompts stir up within
what rises to be written
and that's why I love them
these Magpie tales

The Good Witness

The red sled
stationed against
the snow covered wall
Silent,bearing witness
to fun times
before all fun stopped
as did your heartbeat
on that glorious old hill
by all who loved you
who heard your last laugh
and saw your last breath
...the red sled spun off
into the snow
its last run


  1. If only this little sled could talk. Lovely piece, Suz.

  2. Powerful poem, Suz. Several stories emerge from this for me, but the one I am gathering is one of childhood and youth lost, yet remembered.

    This really made an impact!


  3. Sled stories always remind me of Edith Wharton's novella Ethan tragically sad...

  4. Oh what an impact this piece has; so beautifully written.

  5. A good witness indeed...this is beautiful Suz...i love it!!! :-)

  6. the mention of red makes me feel happy.
    heart warming magpie.
    thanks for sharing.

  7. Suz,
    So many layers. So many stories. So many meanings.

    How do you do it with so few words?

  8. What a great presentation!
    I loved this.
    It spoke so much in just a few lines.

  9. a poem of joy and then sadness. of endings, the last ride. poignant and well written

  10. Lovely piece, so sad and I enjoyed your later post about your grandparents, I know that feeling well, Christmas intensifies our longing for our loved ones.

    On a lighter note, Suz, if you wish to read the piece I removed to work on, Irish poet part 2, email me, on my contacts page on my blog and I will send it to you.

  11. Oh, so poignant! It raises questions but we feel we should not ask them.


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