Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Celebrate the return of the sun
on the winter's solstice

"The wheel of the year has turned once more,
and the nights have grown longer and colder.
Tonight,the darkness begins to retreat,
and light begins its return once again.
As the wheel continues to spin,
the sun returns to us once more
.....even in the darkest hours,
even in the longest nights,
the spark of life lingered on.
Laying dormant,waiting,ready to return
when the time was right.
The darkness will leave us now,
as the sun begins its journey home.
...the light of the sun has returned to us,
bringing life and warmth with it.
The shadows will vanish, and life will continue.
We are blessed by the light of the sun."

-Patti Wigington

My Christmas Haiku

the world  in darkness
as foretold the son came forth
 the light of the world

*****Now to have sunny side eggs this morning!****


  1. Great writings, filled with natural wisdom.

  2. I am writing a story about a witch..wiccan...and have been doing research on such ...I love the connection to nature that a lot of this has...
    I do not worship nature
    but observe and honor its beauty and comfort and joy in my life
    I found this explanation of the w solstice and liked it and thought I would share it..thanks

  3. I love this day! :)

    I love the daily evolution of the sunset...

    Although did I mention I have over 3 feet of snow on the ground? :)

    Merry Christmas Suz!

  4. I really loved this post and your choice of photos! It makes me think about the spark of creativity that lies within all of us, sometimes dormant,sometimes bursting forth in an inferno of flames, but always there, whether we know it or not!
    Here's to the days getting longer again!!!

  5. 3 feet of snow!!! oh my..we got 5 inches last night and I groaned
    Snuggle time girl....
    Oh Robin..I love those photos too..of places where ancients celebrated the arrival of the sun through openings in stone..and the carving of the three wavey circles..awesome
    You are right the sun really goes no where..it's there..it's we who move..winter is the time for life to rest be dormant and to get ready for the calling of the sun..to come forth
    You Robin, have more than a spark of creativity in you! I've seen your artwork...here's to the Sun and for winter's resting time

  6. A great post Suz.
    beautiful images.

  7. Costas, thank you
    and a blessed Christmas to you

  8. Nothing quite as cheering as the sun coming back around! we may have a lot of winter to get through, but there is hope
    now- Merry Christmas-

  9. i wanted to stop by and wish you and those you love a merry christmas....

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  10. Love the photos. Wow, really beautiful. Have a fabulous day.

  11. Now that is something to be happy about. :-)
    It always amazes me how soon the days start to get longer again.

  12. Oh! Mother West Wind! A favorite! I am sending you celebration for the birthday and the days upon us and ahead dear! Blessed days.

  13. Wonderful entry! The winter solstice already! Life is good!
    Merry Christmas and

  14. Great post Suz, we are experiencing our longest day here in New Zealand, hard to imagine that our days will be getting shorter.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  15. Love your collection of solstice pictures!


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