Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy jack was waiting this morning
for a hand out....I love how squirrels sit up and clasp their paws together
by their chest.....their tails bushed, sometimes flipping about
as they see that you have seen!
Okay, I admit it.....I belong to the Thornton Burgess way of thinking
...can't help it...I was born with this attitude
I love fur and fin and feathers
especially in my garden...where it becomes available to me
at anytime of the day for joy,comfort and amusement
I'm already itching to garden..and we are hardly into winter
...this year I am going to makeover some areas of the garden that have gotten old
remove a deck
put up more feeders and houses
oh! this brings me such joy thinking about it
and Lord knows, I need some joy right now
and the garden is always faithful to provide
So Happy won't be long...the peanuts are coming
...but I must reprimand you for the chew marks on the deck rail....naughty
good thing I'm planning on taking it down
ah...dreaming...another gift we humans have been given by the Master Gardener


  1. You must feed him well. That is one fat squirrel.

  2. Audrey...let's hope that's all it is...maybe it's Jackie!

  3. know who you are...glad you are still jumping!
    glad you loved my fatty squirrel
    Did you see my morning glories this past summer..tossed them around...only one plant came up..but it was grand!

  4. That last line is great... The manager of the building that we are occuying said that birds and squirrels are the usual visitors of the building balcony. Me and JC are thinking of how to enjoy them but not messing yp the place...


  5. I, too, am already thinking of the warm summer and planting. Maybe it is that I have finally adjusted to the "new" house and yard and kind of have an idea of where to take it but I do know that I am getting excited to be planning, planting, and growing again.

  6. That squirrel may be a sign. Watch him carefully.

  7. that a smirk on your face!

  8. Well you certainly bring Joy, Suz. So I hope there's plenty of it just around the corner for you.

    You inspire me to feed my squirrels. But everyone else in the neighborhood does so I think they just come to me for nesting material. I drove up the driveway yesterday to find a sweet little one peeking around the corner of the house with a mouthful of dryer lint...on her way to pad the nest!

  9. Suz I kid you not, there are squirrels running around our yard that are bigger than our dog, and my LORD does he love to bark at them! Crazy things!

    You bring joy and you deserve joy - if you don't find it soon let me send you a bottle of wine :) It's a start!

  10. i hope you get that joy suz...squirrels are awesome...i love to watch them...

  11. Wish we had squirrels here in New Zealand, Happy Jack sure looks well fed, it must be fun watching him.


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