Friday, January 20, 2012

oh, it is so cold this morning
even the cats are still curled up  in the covers, not wanting to get up
I guess Iwill have to turn the heat up if they are to come down...spoiled felines
I need to do a bit of grocery shopping this morning,then I will spend the rest of the day
pouring through my garden books
yep, garden books.....have you ever visited my garden blog?
Yes, I have another life
and it is this life that sustains me....
It is a bit cold to go outside....and besides...I have been eaten out of house and they say..
by the birds and squirrels....I hope I find  seed at the store, and don't have to
wander around looking for grub for my wards all over our town.
 I had a wonderful day with my mom, seeing a movie at the library
I was the youngest one there...and I'm no youngster
Afterwards we went for a bite to eat...and I walked out without paying the bill!
Do you believe that!?!?
Once inside my car I realized this and went right back inside to pay the bill.
But I just know that our sweet young waitress took a tongue lashing from her boss
I saw it on her face........good thing I tipped her very well
I guess my mind has been other places lately
and this mistake gave me a laugh with my was wonderful
as were the photos of Finn that showed up in my email
He is coming over today...I get to kiss those checks in person

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  1. nice...have fun with finn today...and glad you got a laugh out of the missed bill...

  2. Haha,that was funny waling out without paying the bill..
    And Finn is adorable, have fun with him..

  3. Glad you had fun with your mom and then the grandbaby too! Two nice things in a row to bring some warmth to these chilly days.

  4. Ah, we must arm ourselves with good books and great lighting to make it to spring in one piece.

    My garden is half under water right now, and storms are projected for the next two weeks in a row. I better plan a water garden.

  5. Oh my Rosaria....under are so close to the water!
    ah...but we must dream mustn't we

  6. I'm sorry I haven't visited in a long while. Catching up with your life, I sense sadness, a desire for spring. Like Rosaria, down south, we are drenched.

    I've never left without paying the bill--but I think I'd give a really good tip too.

    Hope the chill disappears soon.

  7. Hey, Michael...I did pay the bill..eventually ..hee hee
    yes, a sadness in my life
    In some ways I'd rather have snow than rain


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