Friday, January 27, 2012

Today, I shall dance in what is
catch its  breeze in the fringe of my coat
twirl to possibilities,shining on my face
Yes, today I shall dance in what is
step my moccasins
on sadness
turn my face to the sound of eagle
 lift my arms like wings


  1. i imagine the freedom found in that on...

  2. Hello Brian, thanks for the visit....yes, in a way freedom
    but more like healing ceremony
    and dance , I shall

  3. Like it Suz, a release to let the healing begin?

  4. want to walk into the picture and be the dance. I've been led into the mysteries and magical essence of the Native Americans' can have no inkling of how this picture and your words impacted me this very minute.
    You are very dear to my heart.
    Dance as if no one is watching and
    Blessed Be

  5. Suz, this is... beautiful. Truly. Sometimes, on good days, I picture myself twirling like that. I want to keep this imagery within reach, because it is exhilarating, quietly courageous. I'm glad that you were able to write this today and happier still to know you are dancing in what is.

  6. Suz, I LOVE this!!! The words are so fluid with determination! Thanks for sharing!



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